Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children...informative video

I just recently just finished her book and I think she is so bang on. It was hard not to see my own short comings in enabling. A good read.


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I am thinking of reading her book. However, I've already learned a lot about setting boundaries. It certainly frees you and lets you enjoy your life more. I'm liking thse videos on YouTube. I get some wisdom in a short blurb and that is often all I have something drilled into my thick skull :)


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Her book and this forum were what started me on letting go. Thanks for posting SWOT.
I have decided to leave my son in jail and I'm not complaining but he doesn't call me very often. Do you think they get used to being there? He said he got kicked in the head while he was lying on the floor by police. This is scary but at least I know where he's at but still makes me nervous.


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Ok so after 15 days in jail my son gets out last night. He says he's not going back to jail or drugs. I'm scared because I'm not sure if this is the real time. I prayed my heart out today asking God to help my son. Now what?Do I believe him?


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Now what?Do I believe him?
Trust what he does, more than what he says.
Getting away from drugs means dropping 100% of the current friends. It means taking steps to start a whole new direction, and demonstrating it by the choices he makes.

If he really wants out, HE will start doing the right things.

If he's doing the same old things... he isn't ready to change yet.