Shaking my head in total disbelief, part 2


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After the prorated child support, I wondered what else Grandma had up her sleeve. She sent Miss KT a birthday card with a check...for $58.

A nice gesture, does one come up with such a weird amount?


call 911
$18.00 from her
$18.00 from bioidiot
$18.00 from someone else you know
$ 4.00 bonus
$58.00 total

Or....what would .05% interest on 18 years child support be?

Or....she's just done this to make YOU think about HER. Did it come in a trojan horse?

Oh oh...I know- she was going to send $100 but had to give her son $42?

Ish - I don't know.


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That must be a pro-rated birthday check!

Or maybe she deducted for taxes and social security ...?