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    so i was wondering anyone ever hear of shamanic healing? it's old old stuff, ritualist healing used many many years ago that works with the spirit and energies of the body to heal a person. bring back their missing pieces of soul.

    sounds out there i know bare with-me on this one.

    i read Horse Boy, a while back than found the documentary (movie) in library yesterday and watched it last night. about an autistic boy, very young mom and dad tried everything western medicine could offer. he wasn't verbal really, couldn't go to the bathroom, play with-other kids, raged all the time etc. they were totally stressed and at a loss.

    so they made this huge journey to mongolia, and i mean huge long story short once the boy recvd. the shamanic healing his symptoms of autism were almost gone. it didnt' take the disorder away yet he was able to function and very well. played with other kids, verbalized, less tantrums, able to use the bathroom. life began to calm.

    i was facinated by their rituals, and what they were able to learn just from being in the boys presence, past mental illness on either side of family mom and dad's, etc.

    just wanted some thougths if you guys ever heard of it
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    i guess no one has lol :)

    well whoever reads this you should go get the horseboy book it was really fascinating. writing was a bit long and drawn out but really good happy ending story.
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    There was a story about this in our paper a few years ago. I think the family lives around here.

    It is interesting. husband tolerates a lot of my alternative methods but he would go over the edge if I suggested this.;)
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    My Pagan belief system is Druidry and Celtic Shamanism. I will post more but I'm on the way out the door right now. If you are more comfortable PM'ing me then I welcome you to.

    I can tell you a lot but I need a good block of time to do so.
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    Okay, I have some time now to sit and write this post...

    First a few definitions:

    Druid: In short form: pre-Christian "priest\ess" from the Gaul\Ireland and Great Britain areas. There are several types of Druids, the Storyteller (Bard) who would memorize all of the Irish history (I'm speaking Irish because that is my lineage, but it applies to the other geographical areas that you find Druidic history in) and all the legends and lore. They verbally retold these stories among their travels to other clans and villages. Spreading the lore and legend and history as well as culture and philosophies of the Druids and Irish heritage. It was like the Hebrews with the verbal passing on of the gospel in many ways just a different set of religious\cultural values and morals.

    This is what my status is, I am a Bard. A story teller. I pass on the Irish lineage and history as well as culture and beliefs to my children in that capacity. I also follow the natural ritualistic culture of the Druids. The Triple Moon Goddes, Awen, Cernanos (or Herne) and Moira being the main dieties that I am associated with. I live by the Ash, Oak and Thorn. Trees and their humanized characteristics (given by my ancestors in the Old Ways and Mother Land of Ireland) are a very huge focal point of my beliefs. The mighty Oak, Her wisdom and patience are not only an inspiration but a strength I draw on in my own personal life.

    Celtic Shamanism:

    The word "Shaman" comes from Serbia. The female version of the word is Shamanka. What it translates to is "Spirit Walker" or "Walker between the worlds". In Celtic Shamanism, the Oak Tree is a focal point, it is called the Life Tree (one of my tattoos is the Life Tree, one is also the symbolic version of Awen, I'll get to Awen in a bit though). There are three worlds in this belief system. The Upper World, the Middle World and the Under World. The Shaman travels the Life Tree upward and downward to "walk among the worlds".

    Upper World - where the dieties exist and where our past ancestors reside beyond the veil of the living.
    Middle World - our present residence for all living beings, this world we live in now.
    Under World - Where darker dieties (not necessarily evil either), daemos (demons) reside.

    There is also something called The River of Time at the base of the Life Tree that a Shaman\Shamanka uses to travel to the past, present and future. This is key in their work with aiding those who come to them for their help. Usually a Shaman\Shamanka has a guide, this guide presents themselves by way of what's called a Shamanic Trance (also how the Life Tree and River of Time is traveled) which is achieved through deep meditative methods that require a lot of practice.

    The very first rule of Celtic Shamanism is in order to help those who come to us for that help we must study all cultures, all religions and all ways of life to accept, show tolerance and teach it. Say if a Christian comes to me for help I must be able to speak in the terms that they would understand. In that being said, it means I must understand how to put into terms the help they seek in the context of their culture, their religious beliefs without bias and without judgement. In order to do that, I need to understand and know about their culture and religion in its entirety, understand its dogma and doctrine and how it applies to the person seeking help in the context of their own lives or how they apply their beliefs to themselves and their environment.

    The second and equally important rule. One cannot help others until they have helped themselves. A Shaman must be healthy emotionally, mentally, spiritually as well as physically. They must work on their own needs and health in all aspects to be able to walk among the worlds effectively, to acquire the path to enlightenment (Awen) and to help others in that journey. It's a life long process, never ceases, it is a forever changing process that both empowers and improves the Shamans life and those around him or her. Its like life itself, always teaching us something.

    As for Awen - she is the symbol of the Buddhist version "Ohm Pade Madre Uhm" - the sound of life, path of enlightenment and often referred to as well as "One Heart, One Life, One Love". All things alive resonate with the sound of life (Ohm), all living, sentient beings including the living elements (earth, fire, water, wind and spirit) resonate with this sound. It is directly from the same source - the Creatrix. She's our version of the beginning and the end (Alpha and Omega, Infinity, All Powerful, The Ultimate Power That Be, many names for her).

    Shamanism is about helping those around us help themselves. It is not about "healing them instantly". It is guidance (just as a pastor would guide a congregate when they ask for personal help, just in a different means or mode of guidance). Celtic Shamanism teaches that ALL paths are the correct path to enlightenment and to the same Diety or All Powerful Being. This Being has many, many different names, presents Themselves as many beings and persons and is all beliefs and none.

    Both these philosophies (Druid and Celtic Shaman) ascribe to complete respect for Nature, Animals, the Self and all sentient beings in every shape, form and way. It teaches tolerance, acceptance and ultimately to thirst and strive for knowledge and enlightenment in all its divine paths.

    If there are questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I may be able to elaborate any of the above with more specific questions. If you have a question that it did not answer, again I welcome you to ask it.

    As my ancestors would say "Cead Mile Failte" or "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" (as in you are more than welcome to ask what you may, I am more than happy to answer all of those questions).

    As for the documentary you saw...I'm not sure what to think about it. Sounds interesting though!