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Hi all

I was hoping to get some input from anyone who has gone through a school based day treatment program. My difficult child has been involved for the first time the past school year and I think it has had some positive effect for her, my experience has been VERY negative. It has come to the point where I have to decide to pull her out of the program completly or not. Had a meeting with the school admin. yesterday and they didn't seem pleased with the situation so there may be other options offered.

What has your experience been like?

Also, I am curious if it was completly school run or a private company contracted to provide the service.

Thanks! and have a great weekend

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What have the issues been & how can they be addressed?

I'm in MN as well & I must say that day treatment has been the best school placement for both of my tweedles. While they may be behind academically, they would be anyhow, given their diagnosis's & level of instability.

I'm impressed with the coping skills; the "stop & think" emphasis that helps kt & wm negotiate life.


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It is really a problem with the current staff and started with unproffessional behavior, that has escalated into outright unethical conduct. The supervisor of the program and also her supervisor refuse to admit there is a problem beyond "misunderstanding". Also, the program was presented to me as autism specific yet they have no training in that area and don't seem to care. I suspected her of lying to the county social worker and difficult child's teacher and actually caught her doing it in the IEP meeting last week.

So basically, I would be willing to leave difficult child in the program, but only with a staff change.