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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. everywoman

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    Jana returned to school this semester. She was required, because of her lack of hours, to take only two classes. She is doing a on campus English and took a fast-forward taxes class. The English class is going well. She has my former student as an instructor. :D
    But the taxes class---It has been a struggle. I even had two accountants-one with a four year degree and one who has been doing taxes for 17 years tutor her. It finally got to the point that they took the final two tests with her because they knew she knew the material but was not scoring well on the tests. She did worse on the ones they helped her take---they would sit with her---not take the test for her, but monitor the taking of it. Anyway--they were floored by the tests.
    Jana was always with the class average on the tests, but even with that she did not have enough points to pass the class. She got her final grade today and the professor must have had to curve the grades because she got a C. Yeah!!!
    This means she can go fulltime next semester and her financial aid will be reinstated.
  2. klmno

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    That is great news!! I'm not sure I understand why they didn't let her take more than 2 classes this semester, but it doesn't matter- the main thing is that she can go back to full-time now. Congrats!!
  3. everywoman

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    K---the last semester she dropped all of her classes. Her grandmother died, then her grandfather died, difficult child was on binge, and her boyfriend went to rehab. She was not emotionally able to concentrate. Because she dropped the classes---she is on academic probation even though her GPA is a 3.0. So they limited her hours because she doesn't have enough hours---doesn't make sense to me but it is what it is....
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    Well, at least she is getting it back together- I'm sorry to hear all that happened in such a short period of time- or I should say, that it happened at all but especially in such a short period of time. That would definitely be enough to flip me over the edge!
  5. Nancy

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    Great news! I hope this success is what she needs to continue doing well.

    I'm interested in why they took her financial aid away? Was this FAFSA aid? I'm waiting to see if my difficult child's aid will be taken away because of her drug charges.

  6. everywoman

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    They took it away because of the academic probation because of lack of hours. She has never had a drug or alcohol charge. When she was in the midst of all the emotional stuff she decided to go into the army. Then she dropped all of her classes at school. She was passing everything, but she just didn't have the emotional energy to finish.
  7. Hound dog

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    Fabulous news!!! :D :D
  8. Suz

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    That's wonderful news, EW. I'm delighted for Jana. Good for her!

  9. everywoman

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    Thanks ladies. It has been fabulous watching her move forward in her life after a couple of years that would have broken the best of us. She is moving forward, going to school, working fulltime, and has a wonderful young man in her life who is the perfect match for her in temperament, goals, and lifestyle. She has had it tougher than most 19 almost twenty year olds I know. She lived through the high school bullies, the drug addict boyfriend, watched her father fall apart, was attacked by her own brother, lost her dream of dancing, lost her dream of a career in the military. It is about time things go right for her. She is a great young lady. And I am so proud to be her mother.
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    Great news for Jana!!:)