She Says She Will Do It

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    Hi Family:

    difficult child has told me this weekend that she will give me temporary custody of Baby J, she is willing to get drug tested as long as her visitation is what she wants.....every weekend (1 whole day) and 1 overnight every other weekend. She also wants 3 days at Grandmonsters for Christmas......I am fine with all of this. difficult child visited Sunday night and spent 2 1/2 hours here, had dinner and sat and played with Baby the rest of the time. I let her do all the mommy stuff while she is here. I am calling my lawyer today to get papers drawn up to be submitted to the court. I just pray that she doesn't change her mind.
    I will let y'all know how it goes. If she does follow thru, then I think she has reached a very mature decision, besides she knows she can't take care of this beautiful baby.
    Please pray.

    Melissa *
  2. donna723

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    Melissa -

    Are these supervised visits at your house with you there, or will she have the baby with her on her own, unsupervised?
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    I'm glad she's seeing the light. Maybe this time that has passed that you have had the baby, has made her think about what she needs to do in order to be able to raise him. let's hope so anyway!!
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    Hope everything goes smoothly. Keeping my fingers crossed that wanting to see Baby J will be the incentive to keep her drug free. By the way, I just realized that in your signature it says that you got engaged recently. Congrats!!
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    Hope she follows through and gets help. Our little ones are worth the fight!
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    That's such good news Melissa! Hopefully now you can enjoy the holidays without too much stress!
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    Boy I am really late on this one but that is good news. :biggrin: Hopefully she will follow through for the baby's sake. :biggrin: