She should be on her way to dna test, update


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Wingnut and the baby have their appointment this morning to give their dna. Hopefully she goes. I'll call difficult child later this morning and see if he heard from her. If she doesn't go I am going to be so mad!!!!


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Just heard from difficult child and she is on her way!!!

Now the real waiting begins. I have to make sure and tell him when he gets the news, to not call me at work and spring it on me. I think I would like to be home where I can react in the privacy of my own home, no matter what the results are. Then again, I know he's going to want to tell me the second he finds out, so maybe I can't make him wait and he should just call me no matter where I am.

Oh my god, the waiting is killing me already. I know it's already been four months, but now that the ball is really rolling and I know there will be an answer soon, I am totally anxious about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to think of it this way, the answer will be whatever is meant to be. Right?????????


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Well now we can start crossing off the days right? 7 to 10 days right?

Good lord woman...have him call you the second he finds out! The rest of us are waiting on pins and needles too!

Has he given you any indication what he thinks the answer is going to be? 4 months...sheesh. What a long time out of the babies life for you to wait and miss if it is yours.


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Me, too. I just hope that he is mentally prepared for whatever the outcome is. I can't imagine not knowing. You are all in my thoughts.


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I'm hoping it's only 7 to 10 days before we know. I told him to ask, but of course he didn't!! Maybe wingnut will think to ask today.

I guess I do want to know the second he finds out, I just hope I'm in a good place when he calls me.

I'm also praying he can handle the news, no matter what it is. He has been 5 months clean and I would hate for him to slide backwards if the news shocks him.


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Which news will shock him? I am assuming that he is the father...

Hoping for a quick outcome so you can have some peace.



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Here's to everything working out for the best and that the 7-10 days go by quickly. Are they only doing testing on your son or is there anyone else that's a possible? If the baby turns out to not be his, I'd be curious to hear wingnut's explination for that one.

Anywho... fingers and toes crossed. Let us know.



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mstang: They already have the explanation, just not the answer. Last year at this time they were both living in a soberhouse in the same town and she relapsed and slept with somebody for drugs. Atleast one she admitted too, but I have a feeling there was more then one. This was in January and the baby was born in October, so when you do the math, we have lots of reason to question the paternity. I have no idea if she even knows who the father is or where, if it's not my sons.

Last January when she relapsed my difficult child was calling me constantly because she would dissapear for the day. That is what is so aggrivating about this whole thing because I keep telling him that he already knows for a fact she slept with someone else, so why would you need the babies paternity to prove this too you???

It is such a dysfunctional unhealthy relationship, it's not even funny!! This is why I pray the baby isn't his and that he really really moves on, but with everything she has already done to him over the past 3 years and he's still with her, I don't even believe this would make him leave her, so then I think, the baby may as well be his because he'll be with her anyway.


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Karen, I'm just sooooooooo glad she/they went so that this mystery can be put to rest soon. I take it someone from the agency will call difficult child (not wingnut- wouldn't trust her word) and give him the news?...probably followed up with a written report? (he might need that for future reference just to be safe)

I'm sure this must be incredibly stressful.



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I think they will mail him a letter with the results. I don't even think it is a phone call. He mentioned something about them not turning his license over to see his new address when they took his information, so the letter may even come to my address. YIKES!!
DSS has his new address though, so I guess it could come to either.