She thinks her life is "Charmed"...I think she might be right...

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    My daughter is 20. She smokes pot daily. Pops pills occasionally (that I know of). Xanax. Ambien. Who knows. She came home from a trip to Colorado (to see a boy she met online) the first week in August. Since then she and a friend broke into a house. Stole money and jewelry. Broke into that same friends ex boyfriends house and stole a tool kit, Xbox games and a very expensive college text book.

    She has a mail tampering case against her (no warrant yet) from June. She took mail from someone's mail box. She admitted to this crime. The USPS is NOT taking this case. But the Sheriffs office IS...or so I was told.

    She has been pulled over three times in 4 weeks. She has no insurance on her car. A broken headlight. Inspection sticker is expired. Side mirrors and rear view mirror are broken off her car. She recieved a ticket for open container in her car (her friend was driving her car and was taken to jail for DUI). Another traffic stop resulted in a warning for no inspection. The last time she was pulled over her boyfriend was taken to jail for possesion of pot. She recieved a ticket for no headlight. Two of these times she admitted to me she was HIGH. Once on pot. The other on Ambien.

    A few weeks ago I called the Sherrifs office and gave them information regarding the burglary. I want her arrested. I want her off the streets. She is spiraling out of control. She lives with an ex boyfriend--and he deals drugs.

    Today the Detective called me and said that the victims in the burglary case don't want to press charges (WTH!?). So they are suspending the case. She got by with it again.

    Something terrible is going to happen. She thinks she is sooooo lucky. That she gets by with everything she does. And it appears that way... sigh.
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    A lot of these kids live like that. It is amazing- my own daughter included. At one point she had no place to live, no job, no car- and showed up at my house with a car and someone had let her stay at their place. They are masters of manipulation, which definitely gets them by. Things have finally caved in on my daughter and reality has hit her over the head hard! She is not enjoying the position she is in now, but hopefully it will teach her a lesson and get her on the road to a normal life. But who knows? I will say it all eventually catches up to them. I hope with your daughter it ends up the same as mine with just some hard lessons, but not something really scary. Hang in there. I know how hard this is to watch.