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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, Nov 22, 2012.

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    My mother tells me today, " I owe you a new baster brush." I say my grey rubbery one since that's what it is. She says no the moppy one. I had to think a minute what the heck she meant. Then I realized she meant the one for the BBQ grill that has a long handle and a spaghetti head just like a mop for a floor but it's for BBQ basting on a grill. I'm like ok but here's the kicker.....

    The reason why.........

    "I used it to clean the toilet!" :nonono::bigsmile:

    Ummm yeah ok, no more basting anything with that one! LMBO
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    roflol :))
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    :rofl: Priceless!
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    I thought it was pretty priceless myself. She said she thought it was a scrub brush for the toilet. What we can't for the life of us is figure out why she would think that. Normally it's kept in a kitchen draw. Well that is unless Mr. Busy gets his hands on it then it could be anywhere in the kitchen but still, it's in the KITCHEN. Nothing for cleaning the bathroom is kept in there that isn't UNDER the kitchen sink with the cleaners!
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    Too funny!
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    ROFLMBO..........then pause..........I think I'd put any new toilet brush up till after the christmas goose was basted.