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    I must have had "talk about ex's whack-job girl friend" written on my forehead yesterday. Quite some time ago, I had specifically told several people that I didn't want to hear about her from them any more.

    My friend the mechanic...I saw him yesterday. He said he knew I didn't want to hear about her. He asked if I planned to go after DEX for child support any time soon. I said no. He said she's appealing to local churches and charities and getting them to pay her electric bill, groceries, and gas. He'd like to see them sweat the CS bill. lol While I can laugh at his thinking, Grrrr...I'd been better off not hearing that. Just makes me even madder (she goes out ALL THE TIME.)

    Then I got a pedicure, and ran into someone else on the way in, who said she's been carrying on about Wee on FB. So when I look on FB, she's got a photo of Wee on his birthday and tagged difficult child 1 in it, so I could see that, but she's blocked me from everything else now. (ExMIL recently got onto her about posting pics of other people on her FB - apparently, whack job thinks it came from me, and it did not! lol She put a picture of ExMIL and father in law at hooters on there, and ExMIL and father in law did NOT appreciate hearing about it from all of their friends...they don't have FB.)

    And THEN, difficult child 1's wife messaged me last night, and asked to talk about her...she's driving her crazy again, too. She and I haven't talked about Whack Job since...gosh, probably last July/Aug when they were here visiting. Apparently, Whack Job talks to people like she knows difficult child 1, his wife, and their baby, and talks to them all the time. Whack Job carries around print outs of pics she takes off FB to support this "notion", recently told people that difficult child 1's wife just moved (she moved in December right before difficult child 1 was deployed)...I don't know what all.

    I told difficult child 1's wife about running into Whack Job at Juvie, and the news of us being at Juvie beating us back home... So difficult child 1's wife is going to tell her to leave them alone (again). Poor girl. This woman has bothered her since the baby was born...I swear.

    But really, what was it with yesterday??? I've happily ignored the woman for several months, and then yesterday was just bombarded with her presence....sheesh.
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    I get this every so often... It's crazy, isn't it?

    I have no words of help... Just commiseration...