shopping on black friday

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    I'm kinda behind the times so maybe you all knew this but I just read in my paper that if you are planning to get the advertised door-buster specials at places like walmart and don't like to fight the crowds, they are available on line. It said to go to their website right after midnight and if they don't have the specials up yet, continue to check as they will be there. Get the special price and don't go fight the crowds. As somebody who tries to avoid going in a store between Thanksgiving and New Years, it sounds great. Plus, I have ordered from Walmart in the past and if you have things shipped to the store and pick them up there, you don't pay any shipping charges. I imagine other stores will have to offer the same deal if they want our business.
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    Hi! This year I actually finished all my holiday shopping a couple weeks ago - just stocking stuffers to go. I have always done my best to finish before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holiday season without the stress of going to the mall unless I want to! Plus, I do most of my shopping online.

    Insofar as the black friday internet deals, many companies offer net only deals as well. I can tell you that I tried to get a laptop for my mom a few years ago and the Circuit City, Best Buy and Walmart sites were so jammed that I couldn't get one before the deals were sold out! Do a little research first - there are a number of sites that post the spoilers for black friday internet deals so you can make a list of sites you want to visit beforehand. Many of the deals you can find in the store - like the flat screen tv for $99 - are not available online but there will be unique deals. My easy child is actually starting some work from home research for one of her old high school teacher's husband in regards to the retail site stores like Target, Best Buy, Macy's, etc., increasing their internet business to compete with the Amazon and Zappos of the cyber world. I think this year will be a big year for the big retailers to offer some great deals online.

    Good luck!

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    Believe it or not, difficult child is coming home Thursday night from her dad's specifically so we can get up at 4:30AM and watch the crowds. We're not even going Occupational Therapist (OT) be shopping much! Well, maybe at Kohls. Mostly we get ourselves large coffees and just watch the mayhem! And we stay local - no malls for me if I can help it, which I can, thank God, lol! I love shopping on line and I love finding good deals. Who doesn't?
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    A few years back I worked on Black Friday, got off work and went shopping... Almost no one out... Probably napping after getting up so early!

    And a few years before that I did go shopping at 7 AM. UGH.
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    Even after ten years in retail management, when I required to work, I cannot stay out of the stores on Black Friday. I love the energy, I love watching the people who take this WAY TOO seriously, and maybe I'll even find a few good deals. Last year, our mall opened at midnight for the first time, and Miss KT and I got there around 3. It wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped, and she fell asleep in the car before we got to Target. I took her home, went back to Target, and ended up doing my grocery shopping because I didn't see anything I couldn't live without.

    This year Target opens at 4...we'll be there, watching the rush when the door opens, and stroll in the store at 4:05, Starbucks in hand. I've got this routine down.
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    Just an FYI :

    Don't go to an Outlet Mall on black friday. Nichole and her boyfriend and easy child talked me into this a few years back. They did have presence of mind to go super early........long before anything was due to open. We got there around 4:30 when shops weren't opening until 6am I believe. By 5am people were already forced to park on the interstate that is near the mall. omg! It was a nightmare to put it mildly. If you did manage to find a deal you'd wait on a cashier for over an hour in each store............that is IF you could get into a store.

    I swore never again.

    I did walmart one year and it wasn't bad except people acting stupid. This one lady was tossing everything in her cart like the whole store was a black friday deal when it was a select amt of items. lol Bet she was in for a surprise at check out. I got my digital camera that year for a major steal which is what I'd actually gone for.......did pick up a few other things...........but people acted totally insane.

    Soooo not usually worth it. lol
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    I'm having the heebie jeebies just THINKING about that! :faint:

    We don't have Black Friday here. Our equivalent is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. But the insanity is just about the same.
  8. GoingNorth

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    I have trouble dealing with crowds and noise at the best of times. I'd have to be heavily sedated to make it through Black Friday shopping
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    I have always loved Black Friday. Tony and I used to get up really early, get hot cocoa and donuts and then split up to hit different stores. I would hit ToysRus and he would go to either Walmart or Target.

    One year we lived in Greensboro and they had a Sears outlet center where all the stuff that was catalog ordered came back in and was put out on these giant tables for people to go through on Black Friday. OMG! It was like a madhouse. Everything was reduced to like half priced and people were grabbing stuff out of your hands. Tony just got pushed to the back as I dove in and started throwing stuff at him...lmao! Kinda reminded me of the Cabbage Patch craze.

    I think I am doing Black Friday this year...if I am up for it. Not really sure. Last year I went and was back home in an