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My son is deteriorating rapidly. He is hyper focused on not being locked on a ward. He is resisting medications and therapy. I know I can't have him at home the way he is, but I don't know how long they will keep him if he continues to be noncompliant. He screams and cusses me out every time he calls.

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I am so sorry, Pasa. I would not let him come home. Let the social worker do his/her job and find a placement for him. Maybe best if you don't take his calls.

When does he turn 18?


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My son is deteriorating rapidly.
PASA, have you applied for SSI for him?

If they discharge him, there are placements in the Community Mental Health system. The social worker will arrange this.

I agree with the others. Nothing will be helped if you become a victim to this. You are all he has at this point.

If he does not accept treatment, he still requires containment and structure. A parent no matter how competent, cannot provide this to the extent that a nearly grown man needs.

Stay strong, PASA.
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I agree allow the social worker to assist now. We are not equipped as parents to provide that type of help and treatment. Sometimes loving your child means allowing them to go where they really can get help. It's hard, but I think in this case it's best. I worry for your safety too....


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Im so sorry! It seems like his time incarcerated has him pretty traumatized. I understand he isn't ok to roam the streets but at the same time it seems almost worse to keep him locked up again after he served his time. Of course I realize he also got caught smoking marijuana so he probably broke probation.

I really hope they find a way to get him some help.


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Pas, keep pushing for the system to find a solution. It is clear that his anger is focused on you, and you cannot be his solution.

Keep us posted here please, and let us know how you are coping. I am sorry you are in this situation today and please know we can about you and about him. I am praying the next steps start to become clearer. Warm hugs.