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I've had my older dog for 6 years now. I never had a pet growing up and she is by sanity saver. Besides being over-weight which turned out to be hyperthyroidism..she has never been sick.
We put a gate up between our kitchen and living area to keep the puppy in the kitchen. She chews too much.
When I came home from work yesterday I could hear the older dog whining really loud, she knew I was there. I opened the door and she came running out. She had the runs. Then I looked in the house. She had broke the gate down, and she was sick all over the kitchen. Mostly by the patio doors. She had the runs and threw up. (we shut the air off at night. All windows are closed!!!)
She then went and hid under the deck like she does if she ever does anything wrong. I felt so bad, here she tried to get out and nobody was there.
I spent the afternoon cleaning, washing floors. Atleast that is off my check list for this weekend.


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My dog will sometimes have the runs if he's gotten into something he shouldn't. The vomiting happens too but not normally at the same time. He does occasionally get some sort of stomach thing and the vet gives him an antibiotic liquid kind of like doggy pepto but different. (THAT made sense didn't it??? lol)

I would see how she does and if it continues call the vet. Otherwise, I would just talk to her and try to let her know you're not mad. Sometimes those things happen and she did try to get out, poor thing. Make sure she's drinking too so she doesn't get dehydrated.

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The doggie pepto stuff is really good.

Awww. Give the poor baby some extra lovin' so she's assured you aren't mad at her.

Could be she has a stomach virus. She might have knocked the gate down trying to get out to potty. I know our Molly would do just about anything NOT to potty inside.


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If your dog vomits and throws up, you should withhold all food and water for 24 hours. Then slowly re introduce some boiled rice before feeding them dog food again. Human Pepto is ok to give them also.