Sitting here thinking of difficult children thought processes


While difficult child 1 was at home we of course at one point had the tv on. She saw a thing about the straw poll our state was having and then about the caucus' and primaries that will be coming up. She made a comment about thinking she would vote in the next election and how could they change it. As I looked at husband we both took a deep breath and tried to explain as simply as possible a very non simple situation.

Later that day and a few times since she brought it up I thought to myself OMG. Not only will she be making decisions about her own life then but she will be making an attempt to affect others and she doesn't even understand the process.

I know it sounds strange but it makes me sit here and think husband and I need to get to the lawyer to get our living wills and regular wills updated. I don't want anything to happen and then have one of the difficult children make the decision for us if we can't make it ourselves. :smile: What a frightening thought. Maybe I am just being morbid but I could just think of the horrific places we could end up. (Whether out of uninformed places convincing them they would take care of us or out of some need to "get even" for all the time they spent at RTCs.

Maybe I shouldn't take days where I do nothing. :hammer:


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Actually, I think you're probably being very realistic. The thought may be morbid, but with some of our kids the realities could be much, much worse. I think it is foolish to not consider the possibilities and do what you think is right.

With mine, the fears are more of the nature of no concept of what money really is. She'd put me up in the most extravagant place she could find and I'd be homeless in one month. So, my will is in a living trust with my best friend managing the funds. There would be enough to take care of me and give my daughter some monthly income if something should happen that I need care. If I die, it will be in a trust until my friend is convinced my daughter can manage the funds herself.


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LOL! Yes, sometimes too much thinking can be dangerous. :smile:

But really, that's realistic. Everyone needs a trust and living will.

In reg: to voting, hey, half the people out there shouldn't be voting... just think about how many people in the 60s voted for Kennedy because he was good looking.
Don't worry about things you can't control. Stick to the day-to-day stuff you can control.


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LOL...this is a topic that I think about a lot. Not so much the voting aspect but what my kids could conceivably do to me if I were to become incapacitated. I used to be convinced that I would that I would spend my golden years living with Jamie but after spending a week helping him out with his new baby I have come to the conclusion that I am going to change my living will to stating that under no circumstances will I ever live with any of my kids! LOL.

I love him dearly but I dont think I could ever live with him for more than a week at a time. At least not unless we had a pretty large I think I will take a nice nursing home thanks anyway.