sixty minutes autism diagnosis piece

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    May be Occupational Therapist (OT)-- but I saw a tee shirt that made me think of you. "IEP stands for INTELLIGENT, EDUCATED, PARENT"

    saw it on Pinterest- and I smiled!
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    The poor mom who has three boys in this piece...her oldest clearly autisitc...but as soon as they showed the family at the table without any further reporting I thought the middle boy must have autism but later she said he was fine so she was not worried about the baby. Of course then it went on, she was given a book on Asperger's and she bawled, knowing her middle son had it. So now, the baby....he is part of the study. At six months was fine, at one year ...oh oh, now not responding to his name and a few other things, a few months later....some ok signs some not....

    The recommendation is to keep monitoring....

    I have to say, if I was that mom I would naturally be holding out hope but I would not delay therapy for a way no how. TOOO big of a risk. But it is easy to arm chair quarter back right? I am not saying it is anything about her....(and she may have done just that, they never said)....but it is the monitor recommendation. I would hope they would emphasize he was at high high risk and needed support now to mitigate things if needed. That is the fine line, no one wants a misdiagnosis saying yes it is autism if it is truly not, but to lose a whole year???? When two brothers have autism and this guy is showing symptoms??? yikes.
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    OMG, that poor mom ... a lifetime of work ahead of her. I hope that those kids give her lots of love. They *are* cute.

    I saw a lot of familiar behaviors ... sigh. Especially at the beginning of the episode, where the commentator talks about screaming rather than talking. My son had a mixed bag of behaviors, and I am happy to say that we did "intervention" by chance; many things that are recommended are things we did naturally as parents. Stimulation with-o overload; labeling items; observation; delayed gratification, etc. He was in daycare at age 1, and I watched how he reacted and interacted (mostly not!) and learned from them. When he got kicked out of daycare, I knew something was up.
    I would love to go back and change quite a few things, particularly the early meltdowns that both difficult child and I had. :( Lots of crying and screaming going on, on both of our parts.

    I am so glad that this is being publicized. Thank you, Buddy.
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