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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Jul 22, 2009.

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    As part of work up for the menopause research study they took an EKG which showed I have heart beat of 54 and that it is low. I guess it can be good and that athletes can attain that beat but I'm far from an athlete, actually I'm probably a hair above sedentry lol. Has anyone heard of this and is it serious? A cardiologist is supposedly reviewing it. Also I have high cholesterol (215) but ratio is good and the triglycerides are very low. I guess I better watch the cholesterol too now. Ugh. ML
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    It's a bit low....normal can range from I think 60-80 beats per min. So at least it's not drastically low. I'm sure the cardio will let you know if there is any reason for concern. Odds are they're being careful, which is never a bad idea in my book.

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    I have a close friend whose mother has the same problem. I think they gave her medication to help correct it. But she has other issues with her heart that are more serious than just the slow beat.

    I hope your cardiologist will explain it thoroughly for you and that it's not anything you need to worry about too much!

    You'd be amazed what a little change in diet and exercise habits can do to lower your cholesterol number. The key is to find something you can stick with so it becomes a permanent part of your lifestyle. Hopefully they will give you some concrete tips for working on that. :)
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    It depends on the cause if its good or bad. Most of my family has a very low heart rate. Even wee difficult child's is very low. My dad, oldest brother, his youngest daughter, me, and wee difficult child are exceptionally muscled, as well, without working at it (no, I don't look like a body builder, but for people who don't weight train, we are exceptionally strong). My neice, in fact, caught on to this in high school and started competing in weight lifting. She dead-lifted 150pounds at her first match, 2 weeks after she decided to do this. She's 5 foot tall and weighs 105 pounds.

    Anyway, hopefully cardio will give you some more insight, but I guess I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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    I hope by now you have been able to speak with the cardiologist and that it is something minor.

    Did they seem concerned about the high cholesterol? Just wondering because the couple of times mine was over 200 my doctor said not to worry because it was the good cholesterol that was so high.

    by the way, I definitely do not put myself in the athlete category-far from it but I do work out and my resting heart rate ranges from 50-60 so more than just athletes can get that heart rate!