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    just finished a phone call with the mn dis. law advocate, and she was asking the names of Q's doctors. When I told her the name of the neuro. she said oh this is weird.... ends up that Q's doctor is married to her surgeon who is a good friend now (she needed weekly appointments for years and then nearly died etc.) so she knows them very well. She has actually advocated for his partner who is also now her doctor.

    Sometimes things are just weird. She said she was thinking of asking our neuro to consult on two cases she has and I said she would be the one for sure. If she has the time. Turns out her hub is also an officer in the reserve and has gone there 3 times.

    their son with autism is the same age as my son.

    Just thought it was strange.

    by the way, she says that the school says Q's record is gonna take a whole box of paper to copy so they told her it is going to be very expensive to copy. she said she is going to bring them paper! lol. I said well then they are going to say they need ink too. I asked if his record was that much bigger than any of her others and she said no, by the time she gets a kid there is usually a huge record so this is weird, the first time they have ever said that about any kid. It is hard not to think something stranger is going on.
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    Yes, life can be VERY weird sometimes. I've had similar situations in the past but never with professionals, just acquaintences.

    Absolutely, something bigger is going on. They are going to try to make it very difficult for the lawyer (legally of course) in hopes she will eventually go away. I am happy to hear she is willing to call their bluff. I can't wait until the smoke clears on this one. HeHe
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    SENDING WIND FROM SC also waiting on the smoke to clear.......
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    Buddy -
    Some of these "small world" moments... are doors.
    We wouldn't have gotten one of our key evaluations/dxes, if it wasn't for running into somebody I went to school with 40 years ago... who had the ability to make it happen.
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    I love that. Now that I think of it, so crazy that the private speech path I took him to ended up being a girl I went to grad school with. He did so beautifully with her.

    That is a cool way to think of it IC