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    Not to pry, but if you're comfortable with it, how about an update? I was curious about how your visit over the holidays went and how everyone is doing.
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    klmno, thanks for asking! I'm always happy to share how my family is doing.

    We had a wonderful visit with J in Utah over winter break. The girls hadn't seen J since he left home for wilderness in June, and I worried that the reentry would be difficult, but the kids did very well together. husband and the kids skied/snowboarded for 3 days (I couldn't because I had reconstructive foot surgery in September). We all went bowling, ate a lot of meals out in restaurants, swam in the hotel pool and watched movies. We even attended a concert performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, which was magnificient.

    J is progressing well. He is competely off Seroquel and being weaned off Lamictal (to see if he still needs it). His mood is upbeat and even, his frustration tolerance has improved, he is more open and engaged. In December he went with a group of boys from his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) on a service trip to Mexico to bring the holidays to an orphanage. He did so well on this trip that he is being asked to go back in February as a mentor to other boys in his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) going on the trip for the first time. He even asked to take an extra online course so he could learn Spanish, something he never would have done at home. He is also playing on the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) basketball team, again something he never would have done at home. So positive things are happening.

    Of course, J still has things to work on, or he wouldn't still be in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC). He still struggles to open up to discuss his own issues, which continues to impede his progress therapeutically. And academics continue to be a problem. He struggles with initiating writing, working through complex work that doesn't immediately come easily to him, self-advocating, and paying attention when subjects don't interest him. The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is trying to figure out if anxiety, ADHD-like inattention, a processing problem, executive dysfunction or a little of all these issures are coming into play here.

    All in all, J is flourishing in this environment, which makes us so glad that we made the decision to send him both to wilderness and then to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It was such a painful decision, but so right for J and for our family.
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    SW, I am tickled pink to hear about the progress your son has made and is making. I pray your son is like Martie's son and this turns him completely around. It certainly sounds promising.
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    This sounds great! I'm really happy to hear that he has come such a long way and that the whole family feels so positive about it. You said he is still facing some struggles but maybe they can get to the root of his problems by taking such a close, detailed look at these things that are interfering in his academics. I hope he continues to do well - keep us posted!

    PS The part about him not wanting to open up about his issues- that must be typical for teenage boys. At least I see the same thing in my son and I defnitely think he'd be a LOT further along if he would get past that.
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    I am so glad to hear your update. If I remember right, socializing was a big problem, he secluded himself, (sorry if I am getting him mixed up with someone else). It sounds like he is making real progress, and is being looked at as a leader. That is great.
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    I wanted to add that I'm thrilled to hear this positive report of J and that the family had a nice visit. I would like to talk to you about the tic disorder part of J's diagnosis sometime if you don't mind. That component to manster's alphabet list is something I'm working to understand better.