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    A problem for teens and some adults who have ' executive function deficits ' is looking after and not abusing their smart phones

    here is a abuse list which I think can be helpful is raising awareness about looking after a smart phone and help a kid to plan in order to look after his phone

    My problem is with my ' reading glasses ' . If I didn't use the chinese reading glasses I would be bankrupt by now

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    What are 'chinese' reading glasses? Are those the cheapy ones we buy at Odd Lot discount stores??
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    the ones made in china -between $ 2-5. Sometimes I just use the frames if they have srews and buy a good quality lens

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    I think I have about 8 pair of these all over the place. It's awesome! I even gave a pair to one of the old ladies at my mom's nursing home - cheetah print, lol, it's hysterical to see her wheeling herself around in them!