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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Hound dog

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    Poor Bruce.

    He acts as if he feels fine 99 percent of the time. Then he goes on these sneezing jags.......sneezes so much at one time I can't even count them. At first I thought he had a cold. But this has been going on too long for a cold. So now I'm guessing allergies.

    But to what? We've not changed anything around here. And he's lived here more than a year now.

    He does not act sick. Actually at the moment he's busy "hunting" anything on the floor that moves. But these sneezing jags can last a long time.

    But if it's allergies, I wonder what he's allergic to that hadn't bother him up until now. hmmm
  2. Steely

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    Poor kitty.
    I might call the vet.
    Sounds a little intense for allergies - unless he is getting pepper in his nose or something.:tongue: My kitty stuck her nose right into a candle the other night - I thought surely cats could sense heat and have the sense not to get near.
  3. Marcie Mac

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    With all the sniffing, he may have something stuck in his nose - One of the dogs started doing this and had a piece of grass stuck in there.

  4. mstang67chic

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    We had a cat that did that when I was a kid. Turns out it was some kind of sinus thing (infection maybe?) that was really, really, really bad by the time we took her to the vet. I would get her in soon just to be sure. If ours had been seen soon enough, it wouldn't have been a big deal but I guess we just figured it was a cold or something.
  5. GoingNorth

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    THis is very often a sx of a chronic upper respiratory infection. There are a couple that are very common in outdoor cats.

    They remain "buried" in the cat's nervous system until something (stressor) causes them to flare.

    I'd get him checked to make sure he doesn't have a foreign body in his nose/sinuses, but other than that there isn't much to be done.

    Do be aware that one of these diseases can also cause infection of the eyes and mechanical damage.

    Also, Bruce is shedding virus when these flareups occur, so other cats he is in contact with should be kept current on their vaccinations for "three in one".

    Bruce's vaccination status will have no bearing on flareups/virus in system since he's already infected.