Snow anyone?

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I woke up to a good 6 inches of snow this morning. It's a beautiful sunny & cold morning. Just have to find the energy to shovel the sidewalks now.


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We are getting snow this morning. Was a bitterly cold walk taking easy child to school this morning. The wind is blowing the snow right into your face, from all directions *YUCK*. I guess I should be grateful for being this far north in Canada and having not dealt with this weather until mid-January when we usually have this in November. Heck we had a green Christmas (global warming???). But for the first time I wish I could relocate to a warm climate. Winter feels like it is going to take me down this year. Just physically not well and the season feels like it is making me worse. Blah!!! At least all the brown grass and bare trees look pretty now, not dirty looking outside with all the snow.

Yucky, cold rain and drizzle here in Massachusetts. Originally forecast as snow, then sleet, then freezing rain and now just plain old rain. Temps are supposed to drop after the rain though - 21 degrees (F) for the HIGH on Wednesday!!

And all my storm windows are still off the house waiting for the contractor to put them back!

I REALLY need someone to snuggle with!!


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I'd be happy with just one snow day this year. There's nothing like hearing that school is closed (and that just takes an inch here in the deep south) and jumping back under the covers.

Unfortunately, here in Georgia, that only happens once in a while.
Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!



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Not yet, just lots of cold. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow. We'll probably get freezing rain and black ice first, though. As per usual.


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It's a bright sunny day here but it's only 9 degrees at nearly 2 in the afternoon so appearances are deceiving.

We had only a little over an inch of very fluffy snow this weekend. I was supposed to go to Kansas City but they had ice, etc. and my friend in Tulsa has been iced in since Friday. So I am staying home and looking out at it. I don't even like it that way.
No snow here but it sure is cold.

"Pipes, records crack in cold
Water pipes burst and icicles formed on palm trees as an arctic front swept through the county this weekend, bringing record lows to parts of the county."


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No snow, just lots of nasty gray drizzle. It's still in the high 50's but supposed to turn cold, down to the 20's at night for the next week. This is the weirdest winter I can remember since we moved here 23 years ago. No snow at all so far ... not that I WANT any either, but usually we've had at least a couple inches of snow by this time! It's been so warm that the spring bulbs are coming up in my yard ... the fleas apparently think it's spring too and are starting to come out. I've had to start the flea medications again on my dogs! Weird!


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Donna, the spring bulbs are coming up in my yard up here in PA, too. It's pretty bizarre.

Today we have had pea soup fog all day. ugh. It's supposed to get much colder tomorrow. I'm so grateful that we haven't had the ice and snow so many others have.



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yuppers and I agree with Melissa

it is really cold and snowey here. The children Love it and so do skadooers(sp}.
My oldest difficult child hasn't been skadooing this year yet.

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I think we have about 6 inches total by now-I have shoveled twice already today and will probably need to do it once more. I had to shovel once yesterday too for the little we received on Saturday night. I knew it was going to come at some point. I do have to say it looks pretty.


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Jeez...we had snow in Vegas yesterday. I thought I moved out of the mid west for a reason. husband wants to go 'experience' the snow on a nearby mountain. I dangled the car keys and said...have at it. I want nothing to do with it.

Ba Humbug.


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My sprinklers went off as usual this morning - didn't think anything of it - SO went out the door first, and almost broke his neck due to the ice on the sidewalk. I came out a few minutes later, running cause it was cold, and almost went flying. (Note to self: Tennies are not made for running on ice)

We spent a good 5 minutes looking at the ice on the driveway and sidewalk with our mouths hanging open - jeeze I swear a week and a half ago it was 78 degrees. It was 2 degrees in Palmdale yesterday, and that is in the desert.

Our ER's are full with slip and falls, and the roads have been an absolute disaster with ice. People here can barely drive in the rain, let alone icy roads. I have not turned on our furnace in I don't know how many years - not that I didn't try yesterday, but all of us totally forgot how it worked and couldn't manage to light it. Fireplace still works though but you couldn't even get close as the dogs were hogging it.. LOL

SO says every year - lets go to Big Bear this winter - its only an hour away - I am with Abbey - give him the car keys and say see ya, cause I am heading to Palm Springs which is an hour away in the opposite direction



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I hope SO is okay, but I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read your opening sentence. Hopefully your area will recover quickly from the storm.
We had ice in the wee hours, then rain, then more ice. We have flurries now. Our power was browned out, then out for over an hour today. There are then 2 inch long icicles hanging from the trees and power lines. Pray the wind doesn't pick up!!!