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    So, how did the meeting go? Did they hit the armour too hard?

    PS I recommend keeping a log (just for yourself) of inappropriate comments made, when they were made and by whom and what difficult child was doing that lead them to make the comment. It could come in handy in the future if you ever need to see an attny about sd matters.

    They were telling my difficult child that he belonged in juvy (in front of difficult child and entire class) when he started 5th grade and before he ever broke a law. He was exhibiting many outward signs of depression at school at the time but they never told me- they only called me and wrote him up for disrupting class- it wasn't until much later that I learned the specific behavior he was showing- which was not disobedience, it was depression. A few months later, he did start breaking the law. So, could they foresee this in their infinite wisdom or did they just create the groundwork for it and plant this direction in his mind?
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    Sorry I didn't update earlier. My daughters uncle is in hospice and has less than 48 hours to live and she needed her mommy.

    Well I looked up and printed off the ADHD symptoms and behavior just to prove they couldn't blame us. I also let them know up front that if they didn't take the statements out then I wasn't signing the IEP and I would fight to get an outside opinion which the school district would pay for.I also took with us a copy of our house rules and consequences.

    They were speechless.The school psychologist wasn't there, but they had a lady from the district sp ed and state rep for sp ed. I guess I ruffled someones feathers.They did take it out and agreed that it was not acceptable to put that type of assumption in an IEP.

    I am sorry your difficult child was singled out in front of his class.I think these teachers forget that these kids are still in the molding process of becomming adults.I do believe that if you tell a child something over and over again then it can create situations that otherwise wouldnt exist. 9 times out of 10,if you tell a "fluffy" person they are fat and lazy it will not motivate them to change their lifestyle to a healthier one.If anything it puts a person in a deeper depression.Same thing with our difficult child's,if they hear "he is disruptive,rude and never listens" thats exactly what they'll get.

    I totally believe teachers who deal with difficult child's should have a meeting with parents of difficult child's before school starts.Our school district could use parent input on how to handle our kids and how to AVOID setting them off.Thanks for asking,Klmno
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    It sounds like you did very well! Good for you! I guess some people in sd's just assume it must be the parents' fault, but going in there prepared and with documents in hand can go a long way. I guess your IEP team knows what they are dealing with now!
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    School psychiatric not there; state rep for sp ed was there.

    Couldn't help but to lol. This is a CYA on the part of the sd. They were aware the sd was out-of-line and had a problem.

    Must say that my hats off to them in recognizing and agreeing to correct the problem.

    You go girl!:warrior: