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    Thankfully M didn't have to work and we didn't have to put up with Evan for 2 hrs in the car plus the disability office.

    I went in with Katie. Not sure if she was thrilled with that or not, didn't actually care either. lol Figured we paid the gas, I was going in.

    So caseworker had to go over all the financial business and where they lived since applying ect all again to make sure everything was correct before making it a done deal.

    Martial status: katie told them Nov of 04

    Living situation:
    cw stated the address for the dayton shelter......was surprised to find out that address is a shelter, not a home. cw stated the current shelter......again was surprised to find out that it was a shelter, not a home. Katie gave the cw her lease for the hud apartment, explained how much rent asked if all 5 of them will be living in the apartment. Katie said yes. I spoke up and said no, that only 4 of them are listed on the lease she just gave cw as their is currently an issue with M living in a hud apartment. cw's eyebrows shot up and I got flashed a knowing look. Katie jumped in with they were appealing it and expect him to be accepted shortly. cw decided to keep it that they're living together for the moment but told katie as soon as it is decided one way or the other she'd better contact her immediately.

    Katie had to tell her M is working. Now the girl has been telling me he's pulling double 8 hr shifts because he's currently the only dishwasher they have.......she told cw that he averages 6 hrs @ 8.00 per hr. Kept my mouth shut as his pay stubs will show the truth. Katie did not state she currently is working. So a suspicion I've been keeping my mouth shut about has been confirmed. The telemarketing job was simply to get into the hud apartment. She's already quit.
    cw asked if they were receiving a welfare check along with food stamps and insurance. katie told her she'd run out of that funding many years ago. (again the knowing look from cw)

    As cw is typing much of this up she says well, then this must have been huge news for you guys, huh? katie says yes it was. cw gives me yet another knowing look then adds......obviously you've had a really "rough" time of it for many years. She also took note that katie is a recent resident of ohio and commented on it.

    At the end.........she went over the fact that katie has to account for every dime of the monthly check that is spent and what it was spent on. Big items she warned her she'd better save receipts. I'd forgotten they did this for children. And I almost cracked up laughing. This was after katie was told she'd get almost 700.00 per month with almost 3000.00 for back pay from when she filed in dec. Her eyes lit up.......they were not shining after she was told she'd have to account for what she bought. lol So I guess no playstation and psp for Alex out of this money. lol

    So she'll have money to furnish her apartment if she doesn't blow it on stupid stuff. I'm forcing myself to look at it in terms of the grandkids so it doesn't make me furious again.

    But while it went right over katie's made it clear she has the girls number. So maybe they'll flag her file and watch her closely.

    One thing that surprised me was she made a big point of asking if katie had ever been charged with a felony. So if you've been charged with a felony you can't get disability?? Or is it you can't oversee it for someone else? I'm thinking maybe more the latter.....I guess. If that's the case.....M is outta luck if anything happens to katie as far as Alex's disability check is concerned. hmm

    The marriage date I found interesting. Because in her own journal she states that she hopes M will finally marry her........that was in august. Now either that is sign of some serious mental issues going on.........or she's lying to govt agencies.

    When I heard how much the back pay was going to be......first thought that popped into my head was that was enough money for them to head back to Mo. Noooo I'm not a pessimist. lol
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    OMG- if our difficult children spent half as much time doing something productive as they do lying and figuring out how to get over they would be running their own companies worth millions of dollars! It kills me.
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    Very interesting. I am pretty sure you cannot be the money handler for a disabled person if you have a felony, unless it is your own. for kids they are pretty strict with the accountings, at least from what I hear when I managed that Bob Evans near your area. I had one friend who was a server there and explained a LOt when another employee tried that same "get a job as long as you have to show you have one to stay in benefits". I would have fallen for it and could have gotten in trouble for signing false statments unknowingly.

    If you do not have that caseworker's phone number, call and get it from them. Also discuss the abuse and M situation with her. Those kids deserve every penny and they do not deserve to have Katie squander it and get them kicked out and on the run from CPS because she wouldn't keep M out.

    If you know the mgr at the apt complex, you might give him a note with your name, phone number and info to contact you if he has to call CPS on her or has to kick them out due to M being there or Katie not minding her children. You cannot take the kids full time with your health, but you would at least have a head's up if katie and M might try to run with the kids.

    I don't know how you are handling this. I would be a total wreck, but you are amazing. there is only so much you can do, but accepting that is not something I am good at.
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    Lisa, I'm so glad they got a caseworker who seems to be an "old hand", one that has been around the block a few times. They won't be able to put anything over on her! Imagine if they had gotten one of those young idealistic ones right out of school that would fall for anything! And it does sound like she is either planning on sneaking M in to the apartment or that she's still believing that it's just a paperwork error and it will be cleared up soon.

    Does it make any difference legally if they are legally married or not, or if they are, when they were married? If it would help, I could try to look it up on "Ancestry". They have all the marriage and divorce records from every state but it's not 100% reliable.
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    I have no clue if being legally married or not makes a difference, except that if she's claiming they are when they aren't that is purgery and prosecutable by law........which cw kept repeating with everything they went over. Now as far as the hud apartments, if she claimed they're married she had to show a marriage license. They don't have to be married though, it's not required, only requirement is that everyone living in the apartment is listed on the lease so that rent can be adjust per total household income. Welfare doesn't require you to show marriage license when you apply for food stamps.....dunno about the other. I found it interesting because in her own journal in august of last year she was going on and on about how she hoped he would finally marry her. So stating they were married in 04 doesn't make sense. Or her own journal doesn't make sense. But as far as I'm concerned, I could care less whether they're married or not........except if not she lied to me and broke house rules with him staying here....... I wouldn't take that lightly.

    Katie could not be more set up for successfully changing her life if someone rolled out a red carpet for her. With the back pay from disability she can even pay back the outstanding loan at the college and go back to school. I plan to bring that up to her during the move. I've decided it will be interesting to see just how serious she is about changing her life.

    Oh, katie mentioned to caseworker that she began filing a claim for M but didn't finish it. I won't be surprised if she doesn't go through with that and then file one for herself and Evan too. She probably thinks she's discovered the motherlode.
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    Oh what a tangled web we weave.......and with Ohio having a WHAT 8 billion dollar defecit? Yeah.........this is going to be interest.
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    ...Yup... I hope the CW does keep a sharp eye out... And that Katie gets her stuff together.