so we got an update on G today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by candiecotton, May 20, 2010.

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    yesterday she was in a mood when i got home from work & i had discoverd she had my camera ( & broke it) .
    she was yelling & screaming i wasnt home 10 minutes when i was changed & out the door with the dog it was either i go for a walk or hurt someone
    so i met my friend in the park & we rook our dogs for a walk
    G went back to the group home then after accusing me of breaking up her stuff ( S told me she threw her bookbag over the stairs thus breaking her stuff )

    when i got home she had a list of things she said i broke & wanted it paid for
    so i went to my bedroom & ignored her so i wouldnt say something i regret
    hubby was talking to the head over the group home & she told him that G got kicked off the bus yesterday for fighting & that she had discoverd G's waste basket in her room was full of feces so shes back to having bms in buckets.
    & they finally discovrd that G is playing us & thegroup home angst each other when she gets in trouble there she will come out & spend the night & if she is out here & gets in trouble she will go back in & tell them a bnch of lies

    so finally someones believing us that has issues so tomorrow we have yet another meeting to come up with plan for her lets hope we can figure something out
    ill let you know what happens
  2. smallworld

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    Is a doctor going to be evaluating her to figure out what kind of disorder she might have so she might get appropriate treatment? That sounds like a next logical step.
  3. pink

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    I have a question about the bm's in the bucket. Why does she do this? The reason I am curious as I have found this in my son's wastebasket in his room and I can't figure out why since he is 5 feet from the bathroom. Is this a symptom of something else? Thank You and I hope your meeting goes well.
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    CC, I don't think coming up with a plan is going to cut it. I believe Smallworld is correct in that the next stop needs to be a full evaluation. There is more than add or odd going on here. She needs to be in treatment for the specific issues that she is dealing with and the only way to do that is to know WHAT she is dealing with. Push, push, push for that. Let us know how the meeting goes today.

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    On the bm's, this is sort of a red flag. My first thought is sensory issues and possible high functioning autism (where kids don't "get" social norms). My son on the autism spectrum never pooped anywhere, but he used to pee into empty soda bottles rather than break his concentration from what he was doing in his room to come down to the bathroom. He is on the high end of the autism spectrum. How old is your son?