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    difficult child 1 is having problems at recess. (Big surprise there.) They play soccer every day. difficult child 1 told me that a short 5th grader said he was going to beat up difficult child 1 after school. Upon questioning why the kid would want to do that difficult child 1 told me that he accidentally tripped him while playing soccer. Upon more questioning he told me that when he can't get the ball away from someone he does a sweeping motion with his leg. I asked if he had told the teacher. He did. This was Friday. Monday the short 5th grader now has 3 other friends that also want to beat up difficult child 1 after school. difficult child 1 also told me that he crashes into people during soccer when they are trying to get the ball. difficult child 1 isn't worried about the boys because he says he can run faster than they can. I e-mailed the teacher and called the school psychologist. They were under the impression that the boys were the only problem. difficult child 1 didn't tell them about his creative soccer playing. The principal and sp ed teacher are going to talk to the boys and difficult child 1.

    Anyone out there have some very simple rules for soccer? Rules that he can remember. I don't know anything about soccer. I'm fairly certain sweeping people's legs out from under them isn't allowed.
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    A sweeping motion is okay ONLY if the sweeping leg does not make another player fall. The minute the other person falls, it is a foul. Crashing into people when they are going for the ball IS legal as long as the player doesn't drop his shoulder (kind of like a tackle if you know what I mean). Referees look for the dropped shoulder for it to be a foul.

    Hope this helps. difficult child has played on a traveling soccer league for 7 years now. It took him awhile to get the "foul" part because he is also very well known (*sarcasm*) for the sweeping leg thing to get the ball from other players. Good luck.