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    I was browsing thru the Social Security web site for benefits information and can't find the section that addresses my question. Can someone be eligible for SSD and SSI and collect both at the same time?
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    Yes. My daughter collects both. If your SSDI is more than the amount you would get from SSI, then you would not collect both, but my daughter gets less than the amount from SSDI and SSI makes up the rest. Therefore there is no extra money available. Well, that might not be quite true. I think they let you keep $20 per month from another source, which in this case is SSDI. The only real advantage is that with SSDI, you can get Medicare after a two year waiting period (at least in my state), while with SSI only you qualify only for SSI.
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    Yes and no.

    When I applied for SSDI, they had me apply for SSI as well. The reason being, once you are approved for SSDI, it takes 5 or 6 months for the payments to kick in. SSI kicks in immediately and would cover those months. But once you start getting the SSDI, the SSI stops.
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    Social Security had told us it was indeed possible to collect both SSDI and SSI payments. I didn't know what conditions needed to be met for that to happen; but it makes sense that it would be when your SSDI payment is not as much as the max payment given by SSI.

    Social Secutiry had my family member apply for both simultaneously; SSDI was granted. We got the notice really quickly - 7 weeks, but as the rules point out you do not actually begin receiving a check until 5 months down the road. SS wants to make sure that the disabling condition is of sufficient duration. He was not granted any SSI payment for any time period, presumably because he did not meet the income eligibility standards.

    Thanks for the help folks, I really appreciate it. This is kind of new territory for us and it helps to have friends to refer to for information and their experiences.
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    Both of the above are true!

    Medicare comes with SSDI and Medicaid comes with SSI.

    I dont know the state by state SSI amounts but the Federal SSI amount is somewhere around 663 or so. So if your SSDI is lower than that, you would receive SSI too.

    This would allow one to receive both Medicare and Medicaid. Its also very helpful in those first few months that you are deemed eligible if you are also found eligible for SSI. (hmmm...think I lost myself some money cause I didnt apply for Also the medicaid will cover you for those first two years before Medicare kicks in if you dont already have insurance while you are waiting for your disability claim to go through.
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    Actually, Medicare kicks in based on the date SSDI considers you to have become disabled. In my case, my date of disability was nearly 3 years before SSDI was approved. I got Medicare immediately based on my already having completed the two year waiting period.
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    Right GN. Maybe I didnt explain that quite clearly.