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  1. TracyEd

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    Hi everyone...

    It's been a while since I've been on, but our family has gone through some major changes including moving across the country and I'm being proactive making sure I can find support before another crisis occurs. lol (there's bound to be one)

    We've contacted services like Mental Health very quickly in order to avoid any lapses in medications and counseling, but social support for myself as well as just having others around who understand are lacking here.

    My entire family is at least a four day drive away. I recently took a lay-off from my job so I could become a stay at home mom to my three needy children and my husband is a transport truck driver so he isn't home consistently.

    Anyway, I wanted to re-introduce myself while the going is still good and just want to say how much help this group was to me in the past.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to socialize my 12 year old son who openly enjoys annoying people and has a hard time making friends. He is ok so far in school, but school will be out in a few weeks and I'm afraid he'll spend the summer in his room playing video games (which I'm taking out of his room tomorrow because he doesn't sleep well).

    Is there anyone else in the Grande Prairie, Alberta area who would like to set up a play date?
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    Hi! Not from Canada, but re-welcoming you back! I'm headed up to bed (ugh! all 3 difficult child's are off tomorrow!) so I can survive the day!

    What's the diagnosis for difficult child 1? I'm just curious because he sounds so much like my 9 year old. We've finally gotten him to settle down by taking him off the Concerta he was on and adding Abilify for the aggression, obnoxious behavior, and anxiety.

    Hope there's someone nearby!

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    I'm not in Canada, either, but I wanted to say welcome back. I hope you have some luck helping your son find some friends. Is there an activity or sport he enjoys that would let him be around other kids his age? I feel for you-twelve was a really difficult age for our son.
  4. Steely

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    Welcome back!
    We are glad to have you!

    I am not near you, except I am really close to Grand Praire..........uh........Texas!:sheepish:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    Anyone he has spoken about at school that you could invite over for a short play date at your house?

    What about having a "last day of school party" at your house and letting him invite three or four boys over. They could have pizza, play video games, water gun fight outside, water balloon fight outside, watch a star wars movie, etc. That would give you a chance to meet some of the kids and their parents when they come to pick the boys up.

    Is there a neighborhood association that has a pool or basketball court, etc. that you could join?

    What about a neighborhood sports league? Although I know my difficult child would not go for that!

    My difficult child is 12 - I totally understand.