solved the msytery of the sudden vomiting

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    :sick:V gets disgusted by people masticating, chewing food! He almost did it again in the car this morning. "oh... NO Sweet Pea! I'm gonna choked" and me: "DON"T LOOK AT HER, LOOK THROUGH THE WINDOW< WINDOW DOWWWWN!!!" We avoided disaster.
    Today at daycare he almost vomited again... he comlains that everyone open and close their mouth when they eat. Well, yes honey, that's what kids do when they eat.
    I suggested he looks at his plate when he eats. He said he tried but he can still hear them.... ugh.
    He now wants to sit at a seperate table when he eats at daycare. So much for socialization if we seperate him!
    Another little lovely quirk... hopefuly it will go away soon, otherwise I can picture some lovely scene next year, in the big elementary cafeteria.
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    He sounds like he may have that disorder I posted about the last week or so..misophonia. It may be spelled differently. It was on an episode of 20/20. People are extremely bothered by sounds. Can even go into rages that are long lasting.
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    Janet: Yes, I remember your post. But I'm guessing it goes a long with his sensory issues and he has many.
    As far as earplugs, I do have some at home. I think I might wait on it though. I'll just warn the daycare about it but I'm guessing he needs to cope with it , or at least try. He did not vomit today, just almost did it. If the problem persists (it's been going on for about 1 week), I might reconsider and actually accomodate him a bit.
    It's interesting to note that he started having this issue since I put him in daycare more often (about 3 full days and 1 half day).
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    Tigger does not eat at school. He says he can't deal with all the other kids and eat too.
    Sensory issues can be exhausting for them.
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    I'd be guessing the problem isn't so much the actual "hearing people chew", as it is... that this becomes the provebial "straw". He's probably in major sensory overload, and therefore not handling these irritations as well as he normally would... the overload pushes a few "manageable" items "over the edge"...?
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    Oh, poor V! I don't blame him though. DD2 refused to go on the school field trip to see "Chimpanzee" In a commercial the baby chimp shows it's masticated food, and that grossed her out. She was afraid there'd be worse scenes.

    Too many kids are not taught/told to keep their mouths closed while eating.
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    Yes, he does need to train himself to create a focal point as a distraction, and then when he's more mature, he can be desensitized. He's clearly not ready for that right now!
    When I heard John Elder Robison speak last month, he said he has a lot of issues like that, and instead of removing himself from the situation, he created a different way of thinking so he could work around it. He doesn't even cut the labels off of his shirts; he just refuses to give in to the scratchiness and focuses on something else.
    Hey, he's way stronger than I am! Must be a macho thing.
    I hope things get better for your son. At least looking at the plate is an improvement.
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    No daycare today, and no vomiting. His Occupational Therapist (OT) tried to make him talk about it and he just replied "oh, no! Can't think about that!" But then, V never really likes talking about a topic that is not in his agenda... We shall see where it goes.
    Insane, I had not thought about sensory overload for this specific problem, but you might very well be right. Maybe a symptom of the same old issue.
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    I just know that when my difficult child goes into overload mode... everything else becomes a major problem, even stuff that hasn't been an issue for years. We hit one of those last night... it's JUNE... school is wrapping up, finals are coming, performance for this, assessment for that, extra project here... and by last night, the week was just "too much". Really, I think this is a problem for everybody, just that for some people, the level it takes to get triggered is extremely high, and for others, it doesn't take much.
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    A friend of ours who was diagnosed at age 60 with Asperger's, has problems being around people who are eating and drinking. We're used to him, we understand. We can be talking to him while making a cup of coffee. However, as soon as we've made the coffee and we lift it to our lips, he excuses himself and leaves the room. He's told us, it's the sounds of people eating and drinking that set him off. if it's a noisy room he's a lot better, although a noisy room presents other problems for him. He's a very intelligent man, a good friend and we enjoy chatting with him. Often we will delay having our coffee until he's out of the room. But it is easy to forget!

    He said he's always been like this, but since his diagnosis he understands that it's his brand of normal.

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    Would he wear ear plugs to help dim the sounds at least. I can so relate, similar to that thread about the disorder where people hate certain sounds, as a kid (well even the ohter day someone in a waiting room filled a cup from a water cooler...OMGosh I HATE that sound, I would rather hear finger nails on a chalkboard)....Poor guy!
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    My Niece is a typical 5 year old, and she cannot stand seeing food on other kids faces. When she was at daycare she vomited multiple times just by looking at a messy face. For some reason it just completely grosses her out. My brother and sister in law are hoping she has outgrown it, and it will not be a problem when she heads to school in the fall.