Some Pacific Northwest Resources For Troubled Teens

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  1. Posting here earlier got me thinking may I could share some information on resources we found helpful during our time in the Seattle area, in case someone from that neck of the woods comes here looking for help.

    Changes Parent Support Network

    These people are fantastic. Groups meet weekly in 5 different locations around Puget Sound. They are very solution oriented and will not be shocked by anything you can tell them. Many of the members have been around for years and their kids have long since left home. It was an immense relief to find them and learn that we were far from the only parents having problems with our teenagers.

    ARY Petition

    In Washington, the courts can help you get your teen under control. The process is a little drawn out, but can be somewhat useful. Not really appropriate for kids in crisis since it takes many weeks. Good preemptive strike before things get too bad.

    Children's Crisis Outreach Response System (CCORS)

    This may be a good resource when you and/or your difficult child are in crisis. They will send trained counselors right to your house and work with you for up to 8 weeks in your home. We learned about them when our son was brought to the ER but otherwise it doesn't seem like the program is that well known.

    Contact me for info on this hospital - Usually short term hospitalization only.

    In Washington, once they are 13, children cannot be hospitalized against their will without a court order. We went through a process at the emergency room for a 72 hour hold. After that, the doctor must go to court and ask for another several days (14 I think), and then finally they can ask for up to 6 months. There is another inpatient psychiatric hospital for adolescents but I've heard better things about Children's and have personal experience with them.

    A DBT Center - contact me for info.
    This facility was recommended to me by a trusted therapist but since it didn't take insurance at the time we weren't able to take our difficult child there. They may take insurance now.

    Wilderness Therapy - contact me for info
    I really can't say enough good things about this program. Very professional and experienced dealing with really tough cases. It is the only wilderness program in the US where a therapist is in the field with the kids 24/7. The staff is great and most of the kids get something lasting out of it. Many people have success getting it covered by insurance and their business office will do their best to help make that happen.

    Important: Because this program is in another state, your child does not have to agree to go. If you live out of state, they will help you arrange transportation for your child. We had to do this with our son. It is not pleasant, but the people they work with are very professional and trustworthy.

    It's a pretty drastic step to send your difficult child to a wilderness camp and I only recommend this particular organization because we have first hand experience with them.

    I would be very grateful to any members who have recommendations for similar resources in the SF Bay area of California.
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    Thanks for the info, Rose! We don't post publicly names of programs/hospitals/physicians, etc., so I edited those. The gov't links are fabulous - wish there were more resources like that in all states. ;)