Some Progress for Jess

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    Jess got to see the ortho doctor we wanted to see. He said her knee has no structural problems and is not off track. He did give her a new brace because it keeps her from falling. He strongly felt the problem was due to arthritis.

    He actually got her in to see the rheumatology PA in under a month. Around here that is a miracle.

    We saw the rheumatologist today. Not great news. Lots of tests. Definitely fibromyalgia. Yuck. I would have given anything for her to not have that. Also had xrays because her joints are definitely not normal. Swollen and sore and hyper-flexible.

    Thankfully the PA listened to Jess and is willing to work with her. Got her off the medication that is upsetting her stomach and gave her something for the muscle spasms. Strongly suggested yoga or swimming.

    I am just really down about this. The one thing I never WANTED was to pass on all this health crud to my kids. Especially the more painful parts. I can vividly remember telling my mother I didn't want to have kids because I didn't want them to suffer though all of this for years and years. Then what did I do? Of course I don't regret having Jess. I adore her. I just loathe that she has to deal with this. That I passed on the tendency to get it to her.

    That is what we have been up to.
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    So sorry to hear this news. I hope the new medication helps.
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    I am so sorry, Susie. At least they finally know what they are treating. That can only help.

    Poor Jess. I have heard sbout her since she was little. Give her a hug from her baord auntie. You know this is not your fault.