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    hi- happy Fat Tuesday / mardi Gras! I finally gave up my ancient web tv got the kids hi speed. now I access internet via cell phone. lol. kinda weird. I began flareing- maybe weather -maybe just so much going on here plus missed medications from the long labor. the flareing not only is horribly painful but just depressing. baby sammy is so adoreable but I don't yet get to spoil him much lol easy child is on top of things & doing great. she does her schoolwork when he naps. I watch her so she won't get overwhelmed but so far she's hanging in great. I sure wish the snow would now be done tho. had like 9 new inches...i got it shoveled & then my flare slammed me. spent yesterday just curled in a ball.....2day in braces & splints full of pain medications trying to dig the house out from my inabilities of the last few days. I hope to be able to properly groom & dress so as 2 maybe go out to a restaurant for dinner- we will see. becuz of switch from webtv etc I had some time I couldn't post here....i think its fixed now. wishing you all a good day.
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    Good to hear from you! I am so sorry about the Flare. Just take the time your body needs to recouperate.
    Sounds like Dawn and Baby Sammy are doing well. Now take care of YOU! That way when the nice weather comes in a few weeks you can proudly wheel your grandchild around to show him off! -RM
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    Wonderful that daughter is doing so well with Sammy. (still love that name lol) She's doing her Mom proud. :D

    I got to have a Nana visit with Brandon and Darrin today. Ohhhhh, I love it. He such a cute lil guy, looks so like Darrin did at that age.....and his hair is already starting to curl. lol Darrin helped Mommy and Nana grocery that was interesting. lol

    Take it easy with the flare and let yourself rest. Sorry you got more snow. We did too but it was only about an inch, thank goodness. I know I'm ready for spring.

    So glad you can still post! :D

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    Welcome to the 21st century!:tongue:

    I'm sure you will have an easier time of posting now!