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    Today is the first day of school here. It's also an orthopedist appointment for easy child. And of course both right about the same time.

    So I volunteered to drive Darrin to school because easy child forgot about meet the teacher night...and the poor lil guy had no clue what room he was in. She dropped him at my house on the way to the doctor and we proceeded on to the elementary school. Darrin was all excited with his new bookbag ect. lol He's big kid this year.....2nd grade!

    (omg where on earth does the time go, I swear it wasn't that long ago he was an infant)

    Well I figured it would be chaos, but really it wasn't too bad. Nor was he the only child who had no clue where he was going, many didn't even know who their teachers were. We made a stop in the office to ask the room number for his teacher. While I walked him to class I got a tad nostalgic. I haven't done this since I think Nichole was in the 2nd grade and we moved down here. All the kids so excited, the parents looking both excited and relieved the summer is over. lol Teachers greeting students.

    It was nice because not only did they have cardboard signs, but the school is set up in sections per grades and painted on the walls in huge bold print tells you which section is which grades. you just can't get lost. I showed this to Darrin and had him "help" me find his class. He's on the opposite side of the school this year so the unfamiliar was making him a tad nervous. He felt better seeing there were clear signs to help him remember where to go.

    Best yet? He discovered his bestest friend since preschool, Charlie, is in his class this year. :bigsmile:

    Was sort of fun to take him to his first day of class.
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    Sounds like a great start to the day and the school year!
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    What a sweet memory for Darrin!