son birthday ideas?


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Hey everyone,

It's my sons 5th birthday next week and I'm confused what I would do to surprise him. I thought of throwing a superhero birthday party so that it would grab the kids attention. Usually, we always plan a normal party for my kid so this time. I thought of planning something different for my son as he's turning to 5. I don't know to organise a superhero party. I searched online for more ideas and found and read this blog This blog has some creative themes. But I'm not sure about it. Can anyone suggest me whether this idea would be a good option or not? Does anyone have any other ideas? Please advise.


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How does he deal with surprises? Miss KT doesn't care for them, and still, at 25, won't allow anyone to sing Happy Birthday to her. How many kids will be there? Friends, family, acquaintances? Anyone that triggers him?

After many unsuccessful attempts, we finally gave up on inviting a bunch of friends. She didn't have a lot, anyway, and her birthday (last week) hit right before school starts here, so people were on a last vacation before heading back to school.


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Do you have a Pump it Up near you? They did my 3 year old grandson's party and it was wonderful. And they had a live Spiderman do activities with the kids. Highly organized, did everything from the pizza and drinks to the cake. Super fun.

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Do you have/do Pinterest? You will get a million ideas on there.

I'm not crafty, so I wouldn't do a lot of the things, but superheroes are big right now, so I would think it would be a fun theme.

The decorate a cape and mask thing would be a fun activity and a cute party favor if you could get them cheap enough.