Son called again


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My son called again , begging me to get his grandparents to go to court so he can ask to live with them. Once again I explained why he couldn’t but he kept on. I continued to tell him , that dad wanted to work things out but he said he wants nothing to do with him & if he does get released to him , that he would grab his clothes & leave.He said I don’t care about him because I won’t let him live with me. I explained the reasons why but I know it’s not what he wanted to here. Not much to say on this post , just my heart is heavy. And I feel sad . Just one of those days


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I am so sorry for your heavy heart helpless29. Some days are just harder than other days. Just know I care and wish you the best.


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Sorry that he continues to do this to you. I think you must stand firm. He will do what he wants anyway.

He made his bed. Love says no and love stays firm.

If you don't do this now, you will be dealing with it for many many years.

I'm so sorry.


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I think that he is calling you because he thinks you will give in. Tell him to talk to his dad and be firm. That is his only option and he will have to abide by the rules. Period.