Son gets to go back to school

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by happymomof2, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Called the guidance counselor today and she said since adjudication was withheld he will be allowed back at school. :whew:

    I called transportation today so he can start riding the bus again 1/8 when he goes back.

    Now I can try and find a job - whoopee. :faint: Think I am going to try and go back through a temporary agency. I can work days when he is in school - not sure what I will do once summer break gets here. Thus doing the temporary thing so I can switch jobs with different hours.

    All this is tentative on his behavior. He so does not want to be home schooled he has had a taste of it. I told him the balls in his corner as far as that goes.

    Hopefully he as learned what will and can happen when you break the law. :surprise: I still have him on a fairly short leash, I need to let it out some after the break. Again that depends on how he behaves between now and then.

    Wish us luck!
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    I'm glad your difficult child is allowed back at school, and I'm glad life will return to "normal," whatever that is -- LOL!
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    Glad he is getting to go back!
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    Yeah!!! Good job hanging in there warrior mom :warrior: Congratulations!