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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by donna723, Mar 15, 2008.

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    For the first time in several years, my 27 year old son will be coming to stay with me for a little while ... and NOT as a "guest". He emailed me last night and said that he has to leave where he's been staying and would like to stay with me temporarily, which is fine with me, but it will be an adjustment for us both. He has a good job and has been sharing expenses with a friend in a house owned by the friends' mother - now she's sold the house and his friend will be going elsewhere. Anyway ... he's going to bring some of his stuff over today ... and if you knew my son, his "stuff" consists of his clothes, his books, CD's, DVD's, and car parts!

    Who knows? This may work out well for both of us. He will help with expenses and we won't be under each other's feet much except for weekends because he works nights. He'll just be getting home when I'm leaving for work and he'll probably be gone when I get home. And the house will be quiet during the day so he can sleep. It will be rather inconvenient for him though because his job (and all his friends!) will be a 45-minute drive from here, two counties away. Hope his truck holds up, but it's old!

    Some of you older members may remember ... this is my son that had the disasterous three-week "marriage" and close-call suicide attempt three years ago. There are reasonably priced apartments near where he works that he could afford on his own and he will probably end up renting his own place eventually, but the vibes I get from him is that he doesn't want to live alone. Staying with me will give him time to maybe find a compatible roommate when he's ready and get some household stuff since he doesn't have any now.

    I don't foresee that many problems, but I have a feeling that the long drive to work will get old pretty quickly with him. We get along well, I enjoy his company, he will be responsible about paying his way, and I have the room. HOWEVER ... the very first time he reaches for MY remote control, I'll be slapping his hands away!
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    I hope this works out. Good Luck!!

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    I'm just a little My middle age easy child son and I have always gotten along so well and we don't ever have time alone. :sheepish: Yes, he
    is married with a life of his choice....but it would be great to just chill with him again!

    Chances are it will be terrific for both of you. DDD
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    Donna, you sound pleased so I am happy for you. Your son has always been a good young man and has treated you with respect. I remember his rough patch well but he has done well for himself overcoming the pain from that time. I expect your fuzzbutts will love the additional company. I wish you both the best.

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    SOMEONE TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!!!!!! Wheeeeee.

    Sounds like you are looking forward to this move. I hope it works well for you and him both. I do remember the marriage and suicide attempt - I am so glad he was able to move past that time. I think he's smart to come share expenses with you - could be the best world for both of you!.

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    Oh, that's really nice, Donna.

    It's a good thing, when we can help our kids in the ways normal parents can.

    I'm happy for you both, and I hope everything to do with this turns out well for you.