Sonic (Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) son) has a real job in the community!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Just a note of hope to those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids who are higher functioning yet struggling in the job market. Sonic has been working at a workshop for disabled adults, but the caseworkers there try hard to get the workers community jobs. Not all ever make it in the community, but SONIC DID!!! He used to sub for a manufacturing firm that often needed extra bodies and I knew they liked him and said he worked hard and did better than some who were there for a long time and were not disabled, but I never expected them to hire him on. THEY DID!!!!

    Sonic is very excited and proud, although he wants to and is allowed to return to do some shifts at his old place of work where all his friends are. At this workshop, the people are all the way from low functioining (maybe non-verbal) to middle-middle (high functioning Downs Syndrome or just mental illness that gets in the way of working a normal job) to higher functioning (no behavioral issues and hard working). Sonic's friends are in the latter group, although he is terrific at helping the lower functioning workers.

    Sonic starts today!! I am so proud of him. When we first got him, he was a mess and out of control and very delayed. But there was sort of an inner peace in him too that was evident to all. Once he learned to talk, he was always a happy person. His sunny smile can light a room and he never sits and pouts over being a little different.

    I guess, since I share the bad news, I just wanted to share good news too.
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    Your post brought the sweetest smile.

    Happy for you both!

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    Fantastic news and a terrific way to start the week for all of us! Thanks for sharing. DDD
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    Oh wow! That is wonderful! Way to go Sonic.
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    :) Good for Sonic for sticking with it!
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    Im so happy for him.

    You really just never know about kids do you? When Billy was his age we never thought he could actually get out and hold a regular job. He did go and get a degree in computers but we figured if he could get that type of job he wouldnt have to be around a whole lot of people and often times, people doing computer stuff are a bit off beat anyway.

    We would have never believed he could work in retail and become manager of place like he is at. I dont see him leaving this place and he will probably just work his way up the ladder.
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    So-NIC! So-NIC! So-NIC! Wooooohooooo! Way To Go!!!
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    Way To Go Sonic! Congrats!
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    Thanks, everybody. I know I whine so much about 36, I thought I'd pass along some good news for He tries so hard and is at such a disadvantage, but DON'T tell him that...he doesn't see himself that way. He is very calm; very content. Unlike...I think I should stop now!!! :)
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    disadvantage? to be very calm, very content? MOST people in the world would love to be there but feel they have to keep up with "expectations" and all sorts of other pressures.

    It isn't what we have in this world that determines our value... it's what we ARE. And Sonic is definitely punching above his weight on that front.
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    Congratulations Sonic!
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    I'm so happy to hear this wonderful news. I know we're all proud of him.
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    Way to go, Sonic!
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    I am so happy to read this must be so proud of your son. Congratulations to Sonic. Hugs to you Mom!
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    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it. Jumper had a great night last night too...banquet for volleyball where she was placed on the first team of all the players in her division and it was a unanimous vote by all the opposing coaches. She had a great time getting up and making a speech (she's a bit of a ham) and hugging her coach and teammates and crying because it's her last year in high school volleyball. Whenever my mind starts to wander towards 36 and Scott, I tell myself "STOP!" and I force my focus on Julie, Sonic and Jumper.

    Little update on Scott, the kid who disappeared after we adopted him at age six: Although he moved and won't tell anyone where he is, he did show Julie a picture of his huge pool when my ex, who is the only person he willingly talks to, forced him and Julie to have a very awkward breakfast together (with ex there too). Julie says they didn't have much to say and her SO was kicking her under the table because Scott, who did not bring his wife or son, kept bragging about his business, his money, the special school for gifted and talented kids where his son was going, etc. Nobody else in the family is like that...Scott always felt that financial success means you are a successful person. It was one way he compensated for having been an orphanage kid who was adopted by a middle class, blueish collar family. It was a terrible fit. Scott is almost a genius and really should have been placed with a highly educated family...I'm serious here. I don't know why the powers that be in Hong Kong did not take that important factor into consideration when placing him. He was never satisfcd with us (shrug). He tolerates ex because ex is a Christian at his church (he only think his church means you are a valid christian).

    Anyways, thanks for reading this update on Sonic and, if you stuck with it, the other kids.
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    Congrats on both Sonic and Jumper. Sonic's success gives me hope for my own son. Sometimes I wonder if he can really make it out there in the real world. He is a genius, very high IQ, but has some serious social issues. I know he could eventually get a great job making good money and be able to support himself, but due to his lack of social skills I'm just not that confident he could work with the public. I know there are other jobs out there where he wouldn't have to interract with other people much, but it seems like those kinds of jobs are limited. Anyway, congrats on Sonic's new job. You must be one proud momma!
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    Thanks, CG. I'm very proud of all three of them!!!!
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    Oops I didn't mean to leave anybody out. Congrats to all three!
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    Congrats to Sonic!!!