Sooooo.....have you started your plans for summer

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I've been searching for activities for kt for this coming summer. kt will continue day treatment for the entire summer except for a couple of week long breaks.

Our city rec centers offer classes & sports clubs very affordably.

As kt loved yoga at Residential Treatment Center (RTC), she asked to attend a yoga "club" for young teenage girls. She's signed up. She'd also like to attend a cheer leading or dance class. I'm hoping we can find one for her.

There is a camp here that she will attend for a week - Camp Friendship.

Are you getting your summer plans in place? Don't wait until the last minute - it's hard to find anything after a certain point.

Just a reminder.


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Vacation Bible School, definitely. A week a girl scout day camp, maybe. Other than that, I'm planning on hanging by the pool or park.

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TM, if only that would work with kt. We're only signing her up for a couple of activities a week - needs the break from home life. kt has also expressed a desire to volunteer at the local humane society. I've checked in with them - as long as kt is with an adult they would love to have her come in & walk the dogs & help with cleaning the kennels.

kt is cringing as cleaning the kennels, however she's excited about walking the dogs. That may not start until this coming fall - we don't want to over schedule or "entertain" kt nonstop.

I cannot compete with day treatment or Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in any manner. I'm just looking for a few activities that meet once a week - hoping to nudge kt into a more age appropriate mindset along with giving her a sense of confidence.


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Linda and Sharon,

We don't usually do too much in the summer. difficult child has never been a "camp" kid (too much axiety), and not one for organized sports (no attention span). It's always amazed me that he wanted to do after school science the last three years at school!

The only thing difficult child does formally is vacation bible school for a week. Other than that we hang at the pool, take a couple trips to the beach, visit with my mom, visit with my aunt and uncle.

easy child is going for an advanced degree in high school which means a pretty intensive schedule. She's decided to take summer school and get the third out of four required math out of the way so she can take the fourth her junior year and concentrate on her college major subjects her senior year. She will be in school from 7:30 to 1 M-F. Along with working two nights a week, she's going to be pretty stuck around here. Fortunately though, since there is no class on Friday, we can do the short weekend jaunts to visit family.

Linda, I think it's great that kt wants to donate her time to the humane society. I wish I had another adult to do something like that with difficult child. He would actually enjoy something like that. However, I don't think I would!


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We haven't formally signed up yet but difficult child will probably do about 4 weeks of day camp, 1 week of wrestling camp (afternoons only), swimming lessons, and, of course, we will be swimming a lot weather permitting.

Linda-easy child wants to volunteer at the humane society too!


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We may do vacation bible school, but probably not much else. We have a weekend planned at the coast, and some camping. Boys and girls club and similiar stuff is out, as difficult child does not do well with crowds, and it is too unstructured. Mother in law will come to visit :surprise: . The kids will enjoy it for the first week or two, but by the third are tired of her. She is rather anxious, and last time she came "she" decided to decrease her medications before she came. :rolleyes: NEVER decrease anxiety medications before visiting my house, if anything increase them.


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Still trying to figure out what we're doing for Summer activities. We were offered a Day Program for difficult child 1 to transition into for the Summer when he leaves the psychiatric hospital Day Program, but we haven't 100% decided on it yet. husband wants to go for it, I have my reservations.

Need to find something for difficult child 2 to do or he'll drive me batty all Summer. Not sure what though...


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I'm in the process of trying to find something for difficult child. At 17, there's not a lot of programs/activities that he can sign up for. He did the Boys/Girls club for awhile a few years ago but was kicked out. I've thought about asking if he could go back since it's been awhile but I'm not sure it would go any better especially since he would be one of the oldest (if not the oldest) kid there. He will be going to summer school but that's only a few hours a day for about a month. difficult child at home, all day, by himself.....not so good. He's not supposed to go anywhere when we're not home which leaves him very bored, I know. His impulsivity and decision making skills however, leave him wiiide open to getting in trouble or hurt running around on his own. But when he's at home all day, he tends to "clean" and "rearrange" the house, which can and does result in husband and I losing belongings.


I'm going to start looking around for any jobs I think he could do (and would do). Hopefully something comes up. But what do you do with a 17 year old with the emotional level of a younger child??? Aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh
Aly will be doing an 8 week horse riding class. Meets 2 hours 2 times weekly. She did it last year and there were all types of kids there: NT kiddos, typical teen, and difficult child's. Aly connected with mostly the NT kiddos, younger than herself by a year or 2. It was great for her in sooo many ways.

She also wants our whole family to join the local gym. If we can afford it, they have a whole slew of classes for kids for the summer.

Of course, Aly has to do the extended year summer school and she is griping about that already. But they do all kinds of fun things, not just math and reading.

Other than that, we plan on spending lots of time at "Aunties" horse farm and playing with her "cousins". They have a pool as well and lots of room to ride bikes, etc.

Would love to find some time for a few short camping trips, we shall see.

Great topic, Linda! Thanks!!



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I'm still working on it. I need to keep structure with my kids all summer. I'd like difficult child to attend 8 weeks of camp, but I am not sure what types of programs will work for him.

I'm considering a therapeutic 3 week program, but it's major bucks and about 30 minutes each way....I need to find out more about it.


As she has for the last two summers, difficult child 2 will go to overnight camp in Maine for 3.5 weeks. It's a girls camp on a lake with water and land sports, arts and crafts, climbing wall, overnight camping trips and lots of fun. Even though it's for NT kids, difficult child 2 thrives there.

difficult child 1 wants to pursue drama because he had a wonderful experience playing Mike Teavee in his middle school's production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." It's been challenging to find the right program, however, because he refuses to do Shakespeare or musicals, and most of the programs around here involve one or the other. We're still following up on a couple of leads.

easy child will do one week of dance/drama camp, one week of tennis camp and one week of art camp. She's afraid of the water so we're hoping to add in some private swimming lessons.

We also plan to visit my parents at their lake house in New Hampshire. On the way home we hope to stop in New York to visit Ellis Island and American Girl Place.

It's going to be a busy summer!


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Yes, I am planning on difficult child having to go to summer school, getting a job for the other part of the day AND I planning on her being a perfect angel all summer long!


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linda, every dance studio i know of runs summer programs. usually ballet, tap & jazz is offered.....a lot of them offer tumbling as well. tap is loud & active...kt might enjoy the *loud* part lol. jazz would be fun for her too. at the end of the session they usually invite the parents in for a small recital type show. sarah loved battet above all else even as a 5yo. i've never found a dance stuio that caters to special needs but ask at day treatment to see if they know of one tha is berrer than others.

good luck.


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Thanks kris - hadn't thought to check the dance studios. I've been looking into the more affordable rec center programs. I'll check this out as well.

Wendy, I would expect no less than "perfect angel" from your difficult child! :smile: You crack me up.


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I put Kanga in our park district day care/camp over Spring Break (6:30am-6pm) and so far it has been great. The stress level is so low at home even with the other 3 here all day. We applied for a grant for some therapeutic camps and some residential camps and hopefully we will get those and she'll go to the park district day care the rest of the time. My big worry is that I have all 4 kids alone in MI for a week. She'll be in day camp there but I'll have her 5pm to 9am. I'm hoping my mom can come with and help.

The other 3 are doing various classes at the park district.
I found a great camp for difficult children last summer and sent difficult child 1 there. I posted about it awhile ago. It is an overnight camp in NY. If anyone else is interested, I'de be happy to share the info - just send me a private message.

Linda, you're right. Now is the time to firm up summer plans for our difficult children. I'm glad you reminded all of us!!! WFEN

The camp is located in Rhinebeck, New York. I know I can't give you the name of it here, but if you're interested, send me a private message. It's a great place for difficult children!!! WFEN