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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Hound dog

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    Travis went thru this elaborate set up so that he, husband, and I could play against each other in Age of Empires on the computer. He and husband on their laptops, and me on my computer. Poor kid was jumping thru hoops because the game on each computer has to be exactly the same, including patch updates ect.

    Travis never did get to play. Turned out he'd updated his game too far ahead of husband and I lol. And since we were all working off the same game was too difficult to try to get husband and I caught up with him.

    So, against my better judgment, I played with husband. I haven't played a game against him in years. Any game.

    It was not pretty. We get going go into the battles. I'm already beating the pants off him in points......but in this game, the battle determines the winner, not points.

    He resigned. WTH?

    So we played again. Now this time I backed off a little, and also chose a map I'm not so familiar with. He kept attacking me. I kept whopping him. Then I go on the attack.

    He resigned.:mad:

    This is why I won't play games with husband. He is a sore loser. Unfortunately, he thinks he's awesome at games. Problem is......I'm better. I beat him at scrabble, I beat him at checkers, I beat him at canasta, I beat him at Rummy and poker. And now Age of Empires. lol

    But instead of trying to get better to beat me........he pouts. I hear about it for days, weeks, months, hell....years.:mad::faint:

    Only thing I've never beaten him at is Monopoly. And I just hoover at that game although I love it.

    Oh, that reminds me........He's a sore winner too.

    And with Age of Empires......c'mon.....I've been playing it for years against the computer on HARD. It's my venting game. When I get the need to kill people, this game forfills this need and I stay out of jail. lol He knows that.

    Besides......I'm just good at these sorts of games. He knows that too.

    Takes all the fun out of playing a game when you're up against a sore loser or sore winner. I thank goodness that the only child I had prone to this behavior (Travis) I managed to break of it by the time he reached adulthood.

    And now he wants to play again.......ugh!:faint:
  2. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    That's funny!
    Well I for one think it is awesome that you beat him!!!
    husband and I have been playing wii games against each other since we got it last year! Luckily we actually play nicely together.
    I love kicking his butt though and he mine!
    But we still have fun.
    Friday night we had rented Da' Blob, for the kids. We ended up playing for 2 hours!!!
    We had so much fun whomping each others butts!!!
    If husband was a sore loser I would want to beat him more. TEE-HEE
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    I would so love it if husband was a good winner or loser. I love to play games. Doesn't bother me to lose, I just try harder next time to win. lol And I enjoy the challenge, makes me think.

    And yeah, ok, I admit it.......I do like to beat the tar outta ol' smartie pants who so loves to rub it in your face at how good he is at such and so game. :rofl:

    I might give him another chance.......he's been practicing all morning. ;)

    Wanna bet he doesn't beat me? lmao *snort* Once you've played this game against the computer on Hard (and this is when the AI starts cheating all to heck) chances can win against just about anyone. But we'll just keep that little tidbit to ourselves. :D
  4. ML

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    Sounds like a difficult child lol. I used to let manster win at games when he was little but not anymore. He never learned how to lose graciously. Now he's getting the hang of it. Hopefully when he's all grown up he'll be able to play games with his wife :)
  5. trinityroyal

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    Lisa, your husband sounds like my difficult child. He cannot, I mean CANNOT win or lose gracefully.
    If he's never played against you, he is all trash-mouth and challenges. When he loses, he whines and mopes and makes excuses, and sometimes refuses to play again.

    My personal favourite (NOT!) with difficult child are always racing challenges. difficult child will often try to race me when getting from point A to point B. He forgets that I was the top sprinter on my high school track team, and that years of ice hockey have taught me a pretty mean body check, which I don't hesitate to use.

    So now, I get the: "Ow! My knee! Mom, HELP! I can't go on. I think I've broken something."

    At which point, I say, "Another box of Oscars over there, for the young lad lying on the floor. A brilliant performance."

    Lisa, I'd be tempted to have a rematch too, just so you can whomp husband's butt again. Sometimes the fallout is worth the satisfaction.

  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Poor man - has he ANY dignity left?

    Bwah ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I whopped him GOOD!!


    But at least this time he didn't resign. lol :D