Sorry I have been MIA since last Thursday


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I woke up Thursday morning with my finger hurting. I went to the store about 5 am to get a bandaid because I thought I must have picked at my cuticle and it was just extremely sore. NOT.

By lunch time I was getting really sick and my finger was swelling. I had this huge bump on the end. I had no clue what was going on. I put antibiotic cream on it and soaked it in epsom salts. I couldnt go anywhere because Monkey was coming over. I pretty much slept all day and even when she got here we just got in my bed and watched TV.

Friday my finger was worse and Billy came over, took one look and dragged me to the urgent care. It was a spider bite. They put me in the hospital for two days to give me IV antibiotics. Billy kept Monkey until Tony got home that night.

I got home on Sunday and I still dont feel real well but I can at least use my finger. I am dreading having to go into the kitchen and do dishes because that means I have to put my finger in the water and Im sure that is gonna hurt. Oh well. No choice.

Be careful out there! I have no clue how I got this either.


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OUCH! That is scary - hope you feel better soon! Glad that Billy was able to take care of Monkey until Tony got home too so you could go get checked out (and in)!


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I'm glad you're feeling better. Don't do the dishes! Let them be, don't hurt yourself. Have Tony do them or ignore them. Use paper plates, I always use paper plates if I can.

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Paper plates, Plastic cups, plastic flatware. At least until the finger heals. OUCH

Also, contact the landlord and let them know. They should bug spray the place. (hopefully)



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Glad you are ok Janet! Gotta be careful with those spider bites - Bonehead had a really nasty one that spread all over his forearm years ago....



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AAggghhh, in the hospital friday through sunday! I'm so sorry.

Spider bites can be really serious. Glad you got the care you required.


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I am so glad that Billy made you go get medical help! That type of infection can be so scary! Reminds me of the cellulitis I had a few year back that was so painful and sudden.

Unless you want to go back and to possibly just not have that finger, don't do the dishes. If you absolutely MUST do them, wear gloves. In this situation it would be best to wear hospital type gloves under a pair of those yellow latex gloves sold for dishwashing. The inner pair of gloves will fit snugly enough that if water gets inside the yellow ones, your hand will still stay dry. I doubt you want to go back to the hospital, so don't take dumb chances iwth that finger.

Esp because it is hard to type with a missing finger, and we don't want you to be cut off from us!!

Please take care of yourself - lots of fluids (water, not soda or coffee), healthy foods, etc...



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I had to do dishes. Remember its just two of us here at this house. I did use gloves though. Now I seem to have a rash coming on. I wonder if my dog has gotten into something in the yard and has passed it on to me when she cuddles up with me. I took some benedryl and told Tony to get me a bottle of lavender oil on the way home today. I would use my tea tree oil but I gave that to Billy.


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I am wondering that too Wendy. I dont know what else it could be. It's driving me crazy though! I laid around all day yesterday with a baking soda paste on