SORTING thru my feelings ( IEP update is in sp.ed.)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Ok in writing my answer to "how did the meeting go?" I think I sorted thru some of my feelings and maybe what is bothering me the most:
    1. that same old "hitting my head against the wall" feeling
    2. it really did upset me that the psychologist described that what worked for him once was grabbing difficult child's arm and refusing to let go until he complied. He is supposed to be a role model to the staff. I knew I didn't really like him last year when he shoved difficult child into a chair (hard, right in front of me). There were all those people, admin, sp. ed coordinator, Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), DAPE, two student support team (behavior) folks, Psychologist (my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) guy), sp. ed teacher...and I was the one who had to say that was a bad bad bad idea. Seriously? Do they think they should do anything. I am going to call sp. ed coordinator and my psychiatric tomorrow. I wonder if that is a cps reportable thing. HE didn't hurt him but it was not an imminent danger situation. He just runs to the bus. He may even kick the door open. I am not proud of that, and we have to work on it but really???? he doesn't get that triggering fight or flight wont help. And it will make him get in the aggressive mode for a long long time after. Makes me sick.
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    Just thought. Do they fill out the emergency contact form (as in they had emergency physical contact with the child) every time a teacher touches him? Or is it in the BIP how much contact they can have?
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    No, he has only needed to be "restrained" really it was guiding him to another room...once. It is not in his BIP because it can always be used on an emergency basis. Funny, at first he said he grabbed his arm and showed his hand (mime) like around an arm.... when he heard me saywhat I said, he and a few others said, yeah, and kind of low talking...he switched to he grabbed his coat and held him back...pulling on his coat. I didn't buy it for a second.
    I had heard nothing of it until he told everyone at the meeting today. I will check on that....thanks
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    Hmmmmmmm. Are they aware t hat your son has a head injury? That he isn't acting out on purpose?
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    They say so but all of a sudden this year (it is his third year there) they are worried about other people hearing him. REALLY...he has been there two full years before now. They say they get it. BUT I dont know.