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well 2nd opinion is also bipolar. the psychiatrist is leaning towards mild Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) but difficult child doesn't fit the social/affectionate part of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD).
she thinks maybe Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) but sensory issues ebb and flow(like the BiPolar (BP)). she also sees some adhd and that might explain why some meltdowns he remembers and some he doesn't and why some destruction seems deliberate and some just accidental. this matches a adhd/BiPolar (BP) comparision i saw on another site.

so as we have all learned there is no cut and dry. sometimes you have to fit a sqaure peg in a round hole just to get somethings to fit part way.

my big thing is that now the school can shut their mouths about it not being BiPolar (BP) and psychiatrist upped the medications so hopefully we will see some changes but i can still tell the school that medications will be trial and error and not a reason for them to dismiss a diagnosis cuz they don't work like magic the first time!!!!!!

the other thing is that psychiatrist wants more advanced sensory testing with-Occupational Therapist (OT). this is the one area the school balked at cuz it was not consistant even though the Occupational Therapist (OT) made clear there were sensory issues when doing iep.

now armed with-this reiteration how to i get them to realize that difficult child isn't always being defiant when he refuses to do school work? that sensory and adhd are playing a part also. next bip is next tues and boy do i have so few choice things to say to them about how they have handled the diagnosis and school work for difficult child!!!


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My daughter is the same age. She's newly diagnosis'd as BiPolar (BP) also. I know it's hard to diagnose them this young. They do look a lot at family history when they are this young. Do you have a family history of BiPolar (BP) or ADHD?

In my case, they diagnosis'd many family members with ADHD back in the day....However, many of them, as adults, have been diagnosis'd with bipolar. Most times, the parents abandoned the ritalin altogether, because it really wasn't helping, but rather making them walk around half out of it or making them rage.

Who has diagnosis'd him? I ask, because I think you may want to have a full evaluation done at your Children's Hospital. I


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Wow- My difficult child had sensory issues, and his first diagnosis was ADD and then MDD, and I could never get the school to agree that he was not being defiant when he refused to do homework. I did get them to give him certain accomodations for the ADD and sensory issues, but they always called him defiant no matter what. If you figure out how to get that across to them, let me know!

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I hope things start to go better now at school. I hope they listen when you are working on the BIP-go Warrior Mom :warrior: