SSDI Questions


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Is income a factor for SSDI? If yes, then...

A. Does my income count when applying for SSDI for my children?

B. Does their adoption subsidy payment we receive from the state
count as income?

C. At what age does my income no longer count?

Pam R

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SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance and is solely available to people who have worked 40 consecutive quarters while paying into SS.

Your kids would be looking for SSI, unless you or your spouse are on SSDI now.

Assuming you are not on SSDI, answers would be:

A. Yes and yes

B. Probably

C. When they are 18 and on their own, I think.

Pam R.

Pam R

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I'm not that familiar with SSI, as we are on SSDI through husband. There was an earlier discussion about this very thing. Perhaps you could check some of the posts on the website?

I can't remember the gist of that convo, now. :hammer:

Pam R.