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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mistmouse, Mar 24, 2007.

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    I have a question regarding how it works for deeming income if I go to work. At this point we are living 100% off daughter's SSI. It is very hard. I have been to the SSA website and tried to understand how the deeming of parents income works, but it seems to me that if I am understanding it correctly, then if I made anything that might actually support us then difficult child would lose her SSI pretty quick. I must be understanding it incorrectly. As it stands right now I do now have any savings, own a very old car, and am on the deed with two siblings for the house I am living in. The house is in need of lots of repairs, so isn't worth anything but the land it is on. How much can I earn a month without my daughter losing her SSI and therefore her Medicaid? The truth is I am less worried about the Medicaid since I know she would qualify for that under income guidelines anyway. My concern is that I need to go to work so that we have more to live on, but if I do and difficult child loses the SSI and then I lose my job because of having to be available for her, then I don't even have the SSI to support us because I would have to reapply.

    Does any of that make sense, and can anybody tell me whether I can go to work and make a decent living and difficult child still get SSI? One person said as long as I didn't have any cash in savings or checking over $2000 a month she wouldn't lose any SSI. If that is the case that would be great since I doubt I could earn more than that a month anyway, but it sure would beat living on $623 a month.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I don't know the specific amount. You may have to call or e mail to get an official answer to the question.
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    Thanks Fran, That is the place I had gotten information. It makes it sound like I can't make enough money to make it worth going to work and difficult child still get her SSI. Like I said, I then wonder what happens if I go to work and lose her SSI and then lose the job due to the school not following the IEP. I would be without anything to support us until I found another job, and jobs aren't that plentiful where I live.