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    Saw this in a reply to Amaze's post. Please oh please tell me this is a bad joke:

    "Amazeofgrace, how old is your son? My son wants house arrest - his court date is probably in about 2 weeks. I dont think I can handle it - he is 24. I just wondered how old your son is. thanks"

    I do understand you love your son. I understand the overwhelming need to help your child. However, that you can even be considering letting him have house arrest at your home is just frightening.

    Do you understand that he needs a lot more help than he will ever get at home? That by letting him come home you will, at the very least, be enabling him and, at the worst, be his drug supplier since you are willing to get him his prescription medications?

    I'm sorry but to even be remotely considering the possibility of letting him come home is just beyond comprehension.
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    Yes I understand and I will not let that happen. I just felt sorry for him a little bit - I dont know why!