Starting Medication and Scared to Death


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Hi all. Well, we went back to the neurologist for our follow up visit. difficult child's Kindergarten teacher submitted her report and along with everything else going on the recommendation is medication. I wasn't surprised and I don't necessarily disagree but am a nervous wreck about possible side effects. I don't want him ending up like a zombie. I know it will help his ADHD not sure what if anything it will do for his ODD. Hoping for the best. husband still giving me a hard time about it. Went into the meeting insisting we weren't putting him on medications but yet couldn't handle 1 day alone with him. Had to call his brother-in-law to help out (I actually had a well deserved night out to myself!!) But at the end of the meeting walked out with prescription in hand. We are starting tomorrow - Focalin XR 5mg to start and see how he does. Anyone have any experience with this drug? Any hints on what I should expect?? I appreciate all of your feedback. Thanks and wish me luck!!!


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My difficult child took Focalin for just a few days and for us it activated. But my difficult child is also bipolar along with ADHD so that was no too surprising.

I've heard that some have had excellent results with this medication. Medication is so individualized that there may be another that is a better fit providing there is no success with this one.

I'm glad your husband agreed to try something. That's a good step in my opinion. I hope all works out well for you.



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My difficult child with Asperger's takes Focalin with good results in combination with other medications. We really struggled with starting medications as well but after we finally got him leveled out we wondered why we didn't do it sooner. He is happier and able to function. We are happier. If your difficult child had high blood pressure you wouldn't hesitate at giving him medication to treat it. Our children have real health issues, real health problems. Medication under the right circumstances with a health professional monitoring and parents keeping the doctor informed is a good thing to do.

If this doesn't work try something else


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My son is on the high functioning autism spectrum. Every stimulant made him aggressive and mean, and he isn't like that. All kids are different. You can try it. If I had hindsight, I would have waited to make sure they had the right diagnosis. before medicating my son, as they DID NOT have the right diagnosis. His first diagnosis. was ADHD/ODD. Truthfully, our boy is better without medication and is making great strides. it really depends on the problem and young kids can be misdiagnosed easily (as can older ones). There are no blood tests...


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Welcome to the board!

Our difficult child is now 10, but I first found this site when he was much younger and we were just beginning the rounds of doctors and medications. I used the exact "zombie" analogy that you have typed here. Our difficult child is bright and funny and I was sooo against medicating him in any way. The first time we gave me any medications, I cried. I wondered if we were making the best decision for difficult child and how it was going to effect him, etc. That was then.

One very wise doctor who was understanding of my point of view told me to look at the proper medicine as a "tool" to help our difficult child function daily. I tried to remind myself of that <u>daily</u> . We have tried some medications that worked far better than others, and it is a long, difficult journey, but when they have some success, it did make me understand and accept that it may always be necessary for difficult child to be on some medications.

I can also say that no medication difficult child has been on made him a zombie in any way, shape or form. Some have done nothing. Some have shown little improvement, some have seemed to show some negative behavioral changes and some have made a big, positive difference.

I can only say that our goal for difficult child is to help him be successful in all areas of his life.

{{{hugs}}} to you. I hope you find a medication combination that works for you and that you are comfortable with.

Keep posting!!