Storm damage

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    About half of our city is without power. Mine blinked a few times, but that was it. We have a lot of trees down across roads, driveways, cars. Fortunately, the most that happened to us is some branches down. We've got a lot of big, old trees in this neighborhood and they were really swaying. Was making me a bit nervous. We didn't get much rain (just sprinkled really) - just the wind.

    I took a muscle relaxer and slept so I don't know if my mom made it home. It was looking good when I talked to her around 6pm because she was flying from St Louis into Midway (Chicago) and then Columbus. O'Hare was canceling a lot of flights, but I guess Midway wasn't.
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    School is closed because of downed power lines and trees. The County Fair is going on about 2/10 of a mile from me and it was evacuated Sunday and is now listed as 'postponed'. I'm glad Wynter got to go on Saturday. Most of the schools in Central Ohio are closed. The Delaware County Emergency Mgt Svc is saying to stay off roads unless it's an emergency. They have roads closed all over the place. Wynter is supposed to have her diagnostic appointment at the therapy place today and it's an hour away. I'm in tons of pain since Sunday and I was going to be pushing it to get her there today anyway. With roads closed and stuff, I'll never be able to find it. When my pain is up, my cognitive issues are much worse and I'll get lost. Sigh. Trying to figure out how to get here there anyway. It took 6 weeks for this appointment.

    I'm going to try to check in with Daisylover later. I tried to call her earlier Sunday and didn't get her machine so I'm assuming she lost power.
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    Duh. There's no school. I can get Devon to drive us.

    Told you the cognitive stuff gets worse. :bag:
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    *snort* Don't worry about it. I don't have anything like that and STILL have brain issues.

    Glad to hear you don't really have any damage. Does Daisylover have call waiting? Unless you've tried calling more than once, she could have been on the other line with an important call. Or not, just thinking outloud.
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    We got some effects of the storm as well. It was windy all night and I have a limb down in back, mostly branches in front. No damage. 30k without power overnight, but a lot are back on.
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    I lost power. And we didn't think to plug in the landline phone until later in the evening. Actually, I was trying to remember where I'd put the darn thing. :tongue:

    Heather I tried to call you and see if you were ok, but I got the machine. So I figured you had power and maybe were with your Mom.......

    You know what's scarey...........That footage looked positively calm compared to what we were getting. :faint: Like I said in my post "Wind" felt like being stuck in a tornado for hours instead of minutes. Lines are down everywhere. But at least we have power. Tons of people still don't.

    Power was out for like 14-15 hrs. But we're safe and no major damage that I've spotted so far. (at least for us) Some more old trees all over the area bit the dust in this wind. Some fires. Car accidents. Glad you're ok too. And also glad Devon can drive you.

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    Well, if I hadn't been in a stupor from the muscle relaxer I would have either 1) heard the phone or 2) thought to check the caller id which I do regularly anyway cause my kids always forget to tell me if someone called and would have realized that you called, Lisa.

    My mom made it home early, actually. With all the flight changes, they were able to get her on an earlier flight and she flew direct from St Louis to Columbus instead of stopping in Chicago first. She got home at the time that her flight was supposed to depart from St Louis, so that worked out well.

    We are at a Level 2 Emergency, which means don't drive unless you really have to. Not that it stops anyone, but at least the rest of us can make an informed decision about going out. Lots of roads closed, lots of trees and lines down. The city has workers out picking up yard waste bags for those that are enterprising and have gotten out there early to start the clean up. Notice that doesn't include anyone in my house. And as Devon just got called into work early, I doubt it will happen until tomorrow. Oh, well. Trash pickup is Wednesday anyway.

    Fortunately, I called the therapy place to make sure they were open and they were, but had limited staffing with so many people not able to make it in and so we had to reschedule. It's an hour away, so I'm really glad I called first.
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    I'm going to keep responding to myself cause I keep forgetting stuff. Besides, I like talking to myself. I'm good company, if I should say so myself. Ha! I just did. :rofl: (OK. No more medications for me!)

    We have 3 Kroger's in town and only one is open. Devon got called in early and will probably be working late. The one he works at lost power at 3:30pm and they finally closed at 8pm and put all of the refrigerated items in refrigerated trucks. They have power and are open now.

    CVS is closed and I need an RX refill. This is why you don't wait until the last day to get your refill. I'm so bad about that. It's one of my blood pressure medications, too. Hopefully they'll open later. We shall see. Otherwise, one day without isn't going to hurt me.

    I could babble for hours. I'll stop now. We don't get much excitement in Delaware, OH...can you tell?

    Oh. 2 of Devon's friends are here - spent the night..they didn't have power. Devon got called in early and they're still here so I sent them out to clean up the yard. They're eating my food. It won't kill them to work. :tongue: They practically live here anyway.
  9. Hound dog

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    The babbling is due to the muscle relaxant and pain medication, not the undue excitment in Delaware. lmao

    Nichole can't find some place open to fill Aubrey's prescription for the anitbiotics either. I told her to check all the drug stores before giving up.
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    It's been a ghost town around my neck of the woods! Power went out Sunday & just came back on recently. So many people still without...I think our grid might be lined up with the hospital a few blocks away possibly!? Maybe that helped get it on clue. Accidents everywhere.....power lines down.....fires everywhere....trees down....just a mess! The lines were 20-30 deep at gas stations all day yesterday. The neighbor drove 40 miles to get ice for a few of us ;) I just finished throwing out all the food we couldn't keep cold/frozen. A little easier to clean the fridge & freezer out when there isn't a thing in it though ;) No work = no money. No school = bored kids. difficult child has school tomorrow....yippee. easy child doesn't. My pool has it's own forest growing out of it now....I've never seen so much "stuff" in it. It will take days to clean it. Oh well, all safe. difficult child can sleep tonight, I can sleep tonight (fans on & noise in house) & my difficult child dog can quit puking from nerves! I can now say I've experienced my first hurricane in Ohio!!!!!!
  11. Nancy

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    Many areas are without power here too. We had wind gusts up to 75 mph. Lots of trees down and our yards all looked like a tornado went through them. Our lights flickered several times but we were lucky they stayed on. The sound was deafening.

    None of it compares to what happened in Texas but it sure did indicate just how ferocious this storm was to still have so much power all the way up to Ohio.

  12. change

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    Hi everyone. Haven't been on here in a long time. Sorry! It's been hectic with back-to school (I'm a teacher), we just had court last Weds.(case with son), and daughter started a new school.

    Anyway, I'm in Houston. We got power back 1:30am Monday. Thank God. We were able to stop boiling water this morning. No one else in my immediate family has power. We've been helping each other. At least my brothers have generators. We are very low on food. Most stores are still closed and gas is very low anyway so we're not venturing out if we don't have to. The scariest thing is the risk of looters at night. I live near downtown in a very nice neighborhood but it's historic so there are still some seedy areas and my street is one of those with a some nice homes in a row and then some questionable homes right next door or down the street. We're lucky though compared to a lot of people because our home is fine and we have power. So many people don't (69% in the city) and many people are desperate for food and gas (for their generators). We didn't have a generator so we are so happy to have been one of the lucky few to get power back fast. If they can just get power to the food stores and start bringing in food and gas, things will improve at least 100%.
  13. TerryJ2

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    Heather, I love it when you talk to yourself. You sound so cheerful! :)
    I hope that all the power is back on and the schools are back open by now. How are things going?
    Sounds like you got hit hard.
  14. change

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    Can y'all believe we're STILL not in school???? I'm talking about HISD too!!! Some will start Tuesday but a bunch not until Thursday and the rest not until NEXT MONDAY! A lot of people STILL don't have power and the newspapers say schools are low on the priority lists after hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, and I can't remember what else. It's pitiful. We had a block party down the street last night because our side of the street has power and the other side doesn't. Most of my neighborhodd is like that or else one block has it and the next does not. It's just WRONG. :mad: Poor people. There are extension cords all over the place (very scary...a lot of us have historical wood-frame homes) streching all the way across the street in some cases where some people are sharing power. It's a nice gesture but risky. (We've been allowing people to come and do laundry and been making ice for people instead and opening up up our spare bedrooms to friends and family.)
  15. TerryJ2

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    So sorry, Change.
    When we had Isabel, we were with-o power for 13 days. The schools were open but many of the teachers lived in flooded areas and couldn't drive to school, so the schools were kind of useless. It was aggravating, to say the least.
    Be careful with-those extension cords!

    I hope everything is back to normal, in regard to your storm, Heather.
  16. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    I will venture to Galveston on Friday for my alotted 12hrs to secure the houses and salvage what I can. I'd be grateful for running water and a chance to sleep in my bed.
    No matter how bad it is, there are those that have it worse. I'm sure everyone is working as fast as they can to get the basic necessities to the public.
    Andrew had homes without power for months.
  17. wakeupcall

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    I live about three miles from NASA. The devastation across the street from NASA is shocking. The entire parking lot of the Hilton Hotel is filled with DISASTER RELIEF semi's; it's so sad. The destruction in Seabrook and Kemah is monumental. Since we aren't residents of Galveston, we aren't allowed in there, but from the tv reports, that's even worse. Be careful, Fran. I hope you find your home less damaged than you imagine.
  18. Sheila

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    We've been focused in our own little world. I knew Ike visited our neighbors up north, but the majority of news coverage has been concentrated on coastal areas in Texas. I didn't realize Ike's wrath has been felt to such a degree up north.

    Fran, when Galveston tried a "look and leave" program last week, it was total chaos. I imagine they will be better prepared for the huge number of people trying to get home or to see their homes and leave. Be prepared for the biggest traffic jam you've ever seen.

    What a mess everything is!
  19. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Sheila, Wakeup and Fran,
    best of luck. I do not envy you. How heartbreaking.
    I hate the smell of mildew and I got so sick of water, water, water ...
  20. dirobb

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    we are still without power. Fortunately only exterior damage and some minor roof damage. My power is slated to be turned on today. Running a generator (which gets to be very expensive for any length of time) Crossing all appendages, but not really believing it is gonna happen. Too many trees in my neighborhood and no trucks in sight. I did tell husband 'someone has to be last'.
    I was able to return to work today. got power over the weekend. As we are self employed this is a blessing. Family, friends, and neighbors have all pulled together. We are trudging along. difficult child is with bio until we have power. She had power the day after the storm.
    Fran, I hope you have a safe trip. Be very careful. I hope things are better than you expect.