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  1. JJJ

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    Can Strattera cause agression? Tigger cannot take stims without becoming very aggressive. He has been on Strattera for 3-4 months and his aggression is increasing.
  2. dreamer

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    I do not know how to do it off this computer, but if you type strattera in to google, you can get to stratteras website and their info about the medication.
    Good luck.
  3. smallworld

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    Yes, Strattera -- like any other antidepressant -- can cause aggression. My son's psychiatrist was very reluctant to use it for a kid with a mood disorder.
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    My son's psychiatrist wanted to add Strattera to his mix. I immediately got out The Bipolar Child book and looked it up while I had her on the phone. I read what it said to her. "Unfortunately, it has proved to be a problem for many children and adolescents with bipolar disorder as it can trigger mania or mixed episodes and increase cycling patterns.
    Based on a review of earlier clinical trials, it seems that the drug can increase suicidal thoughts in children and adolescents, and the FDA has asked the drug's manufacturer, Eli Lily, to add a "black box" warning on its prescribing information."
    I told her I didn't feel comfortable with introducing it at this time. She seemed annoyed with me, but so be it. Now I'm not saying that this would happen , as we know all kids react differently. That's just my opinion.
  5. JJJ

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    Thanks all. I think we are done with the Strattera. I'd rather deal with the hyperactivity than the raging.
  6. Wiped Out

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    That's exactly what we decided after we saw an increase in agression with difficult child on Strattera this fall.
  7. Nancy

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    I think it's important to remember that those warnings are being placed on all drugs in this class, not just Strattera. For some of us, including my difficult child, Strattera has worked very well and she has shown no aggression while on it.

    It is important to realize that everyone reacts differently to medications and therefore what may help one may not help another. I don't want to invalidate those who are getting good results with Strattera.

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    Heck yeah! Most of the people I heard of who discontinued Strattera -- almost everyone who tried it -- stopped because of the aggression, or as one mother put it, her child became "just plain nasty". And three months is the big time for it.

    That's pretty much what the "mood swings" listed as a common side effect for children on the Strattera refers to -- nastiness and aggressiveness. It isn't just from the run of the mill black box warnings common to all antidepressants.

    ETA: by the way, the label says that you should call the doctor if aggressive behavior developes (or worsens, as the case may be). Unfortunately it doesn't tell the doctor to discontinue the drug if the parents report aggression developing.
  9. Nancy

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    "almost everyone who tried it"

    Like I said this drug like most every drug out there helps many people. Every person I know who tried this drug loves it, does that mean it's right for everyone? No. It also means almost everyone who tries it doesn't stop it because of aggression.

    There are many on the board who's difficult child is on Strattera and are having good results. I believe Fran's difficult child is on it also and is having good results.

  10. JJJ

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    Thanks all. I know some drugs are miracles for some kids and horrible for others. Even in my own home Risperdal helps Eeyore so much but was nasty for Kanga.

    I think Tigger is always going to be tough to medicate. Is it bipolar or his pre-natal drug exposure? Who knows, I just hope I can find the right medication mix sooner rather than later.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Nancy</div><div class="ubbcode-body">"almost everyone who tried it"</div></div>
    We call that "taking it out of context". The whole quote is " Most of the people I heard of who discontinued Strattera -- almost everyone who tried it -- stopped because of the aggression, or as one mother put it, her child became 'just plain nasty'" [emphasis added this time I posted it, of course]. I was speaking of people I know and that is most of the people I know, including a woman whose son was in the clinical trials for the drug. Your milage may vary but I wasn't speaking for you.
  12. ForeverSpring

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    When my son was misdiagnosed with bipolar, I hung out on a bipolar chat board for parents. My only experience with Straterra is that almost universally the parents who posted on that board would complain that, after a month or so, their kids got considerably worse. My own opinion, which is far from medical but mostly from what I've heard, is that this is a very bad medication for a bipolar kid. On that particular board, many parents just dropped any medications for ADHD and concentrated strictly on stabilizing the bipolar. I haven't been back there for years and don't know how that board is now, but I'll give you the link. (I apologize if I repeated anything as I didn't read the other responses). I want to add that this medication works well for a child in my daughter's class who has ADHD, but she is NOT bipolar. I think that is the different. Straterra is an antidepressant. Good luck and call your psychiatrist
  13. Well i would like to say that i have a son 12yrs old. He was getting into trouble at school almost daily(being very defient) andat home too. He would do things and then later say he was sorry~we fianally come to the conclusion that he really couldnt control himself~~took him to Dr. i~So now he is on strattera~~so far it has been WONDERFUL, and nearly over night. The teachers are talking about how he is being so much better~He is actually doing his homework. He has always been smart just didnt care to do the work~That has all changed..I hope this contuines!! He has even said that he feels so much better. He controls his temper so well now~ I only hope that others can have the same result..
  14. Bugsy

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    My son also hit three months on strattera and things went very badly. We got him off in dec/jan and he still has not gotten back to his best.
  15. totoro

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    Ignoring what all others who have had Mis-diagnosis's etc or whatever bad experiences...
    K has tried it 3 times... We were hoping it would work for her "issues" and it did cause aggression for her. I wish it did help her.
    We tried it and had to stop... Some have their strong opinions. But I would research the reasons why your doctor would want to add it and go from there!!!

    Some have had great response... I wish you luck.
  16. bugsy if you dont mind me asking~did your son show improvement in the begining?
  17. Jena

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    i wish you luck i'm sorry i'm late to this one. yet i found strattera to also increase aggression bigtime.

    good luck
  18. Bugsy

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    No, he did not. Before strattera he was in a really good place mood wise and emotion stable so we thought we would try to help some of the focusing issues. We noticed no help from strattera but were slowly titrating it up to give a fair chance. Around 3 months things really started to turn. Slowly we started to see an increase in aggitation, aggression and unpleasant. Then it became drastically worse.

    I know every child reacts very differently to medications but I have not heard of many children who very much demonstrate mood issues do well with strattera. I do know other children with other diagnosis that have improved with it.
  19. thanks bugsy~i am new do this forum and i hav not got it all yet~i dont know what all the abbrv. means lik difficult child and easy child and all that. I was wondering if u could tell me how u put your avatar on here i go to site where they r but dont know how to post it>>Thanks for your help and i really hope my son will fair well with the stattera~we got it for him because he was already acting out defient,aggresive noncompliant kinda how you say yours did after the medications. maybe it has a reverse action...i"ll try anything~~HELP!
  20. nvts

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    My difficult child 1 has been taking Strattera for about 3 mos. and at our next psychiatrist visit I plan to ask her to change it to something else for the anxiety.

    He hasn't gotten more aggressive per se, he's just turned into a nasty little snip. He's jumping down everyone's throats, picks an arguement with EVERYONE, feels constantly like the world is treating everyone unfairly, etc.

    Basically, he's become a persnickety, confrontational little snot.

    Probably politically incorrect to say BUT who says I'm always politically correct? lol!

    Conversely, I've got other Moms that I deal with at the school that think it's the best thing since sliced bread!

    Every kid is different!