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    I am so glad I have switched to a different agency for V's behavioral therapy (switched to the christian one, if anyone remembers...).
    The old agency (the one that had a therapy session with Partner after going to the wrong school) sent a new therapist to see V without my consent! Not once, but twice!!! I actually drove to their office this afternoon to set things straight.
    I was upfront with "new therapist" (let's call her "newbie") that I was upset. Newbie went on to use "1 one 1 how to handle an upset person" technique. Grrrr.... I explain that I am upset because I have never met her, never talked to her on the phone or even know her last name, but she on the other hand has seen my son twice!!
    She calmly explain that nothing was done to attack me personally.:wellduh:I know that!! But newbie is the one that should it take it personal! It a lack of ethic to think she is going to talk to my 4 year old without me meeting her first and agreeing to it.
    She says that I signed an agreement with the agency and that gives her the right to see my son since she is taking the case over.
    I said I never agreed for her to take the case over and previous therapist knew that. I even started with a different agency.
    I am so glad I swtiched!!
    Newbie is obviously fresh out of school and has obviously no idea on how to do family therapy in the REAL world. She is the kind to apply text book methods... V is NOT text book.
    She was even taking notes when she asked me Dr. X was managing the medications. Me: No, ??? She keeps going: so who manages the medications?:overreactsmiley:I thought she never called me because she was busy get familiar with the cases??? V is NOT on medications!
    Grrrrr stupid people....
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    I would send that agency a certified letter telling them to "cease and desist" contacting your child.

    I would also send a certified letter to the school specifically banning that woman and anyone else from speaking to your child without you direct consent given that very morning.
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    Wow I never heard of such a thing. How totally weird. I can't imagine for a second seeing a child before I talked to a parent even if she WAS supposed to see him. Glad you went and set it straight. I totally agree to send a certified letter but I would first fax it and get a confirmation page and then seal it up and mail it that way as early as tomorrow you have a written notice to them. UGG.