Stupid question


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I know I'm probably posting in the wrong place, but I know how to put the little smileys and all the other icons in a new post, but how about when replying to others. I don't see that option anywhere?? Am I missing something??


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If you're just doing the "quick reply" you don't get the smileys option. You need to hit the Reply option at the bottom of poster's message, then you get all the options.

I think.


In Quick Reply you can type in the code, if you know it. Usually the bb code recognizes the standard text strings like : ) :smile:

The others are usually a word with a : in front and back like this :code:

:rofl: "rofl"
:grrr: "grrr"
:bravo: "bravo"

Oh, and by the way, if you hover your cursor over one it will tell you the code.